Bird Flu

Mike's Blog Roundup

Kiko's House: Breast cancer bombshell lands in the middle of the health care debate The Pump Handle: Swine flu and bird flu and lessons to be learned

Bill Maher Contest Winners

View all the winners below the fold! The submissions were overwhelming and very creative. A big thanks to Desi from Mia Culpa. She helped sort things

Mike's Blog Round Up

Kansas Morons! American Classic novels deemed "porn" by Kansas school official, Kansas teachers guide to Intelligent Design, Wheat futures close highe

Mike's Blog Round Up

Bird Flu Update: some excellent blogs have emerged specifically to cover the topic. Here’s a rundown of the best of them. Mike's Blog Round Up T

Mike's Blog Round Up

Petty Larseny: New Evidence of Harriet Miers' Position on Abortion...this might surprise some. Martial Law and the advent of the Supreme Executive: P