June 7, 1984 - Summits, Sikhs And Saber Rattling.

June 7, 1984 - The London Economic Summit begins. Persian Gulf tensions increase as Liberian Grain tanker hits mine and blows up. Iran-Iraq War continues. Golden Temple Aftermath in Punjab region of India, some 300 Sikhs dead after Army storms temple. Riots break out in New Delhi. Haitian sailboat capsizes with 6 drowned and some 61 rescued. Believed to be carrying refugees. Walter Mondale gets enough delegates for an easy nomination in upcoming Democratic Convention. Flash floods in Vermont. And Acid Rain more widespread than previously thought.

May 25, 1992 - "Give Us Your Tired, Your . . . . . Never Mind".

News of the day for May 25, 1992 - Pres. Bush (Sr.) refuses to allow Haitian Boat People to come to the U.S. - Middle East violence escalates with bombings in Beirut and the Gaza Strip. Thailand pro-democracy violence and the ouster of Prime Minster Suchinda. Proposed UN sanctions against Serbia as the war in Bosnia escalates. The 1992 Primary season in full swing with Clinton taking the lead and arrests in Weedstock (shock, not).