Rob Ford: A Real Winner

Rob Ford: A Real Winner

Rob Ford, the illustrious Mayor of Toronto, has entered rehab. He's super glad he went though. In his words, "it's like football camp."

Bush Is Baaack In A Billboard

I saw this on CNN last night and cheered. I've been wanting the Dems to bring back Bush because he's responsible for the mess our country has been l

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Agonist: The Iraq Study Group says the U.S. should leave one of these days... In what has become a routine event, the cultish blog

Vanity Fair And Bob Woodward

Arianna: "Yesterday I looked at Marie Brenner's laughably biased attempt to rehab her good friend Judy Miller's reputation in the April Vanity Fair


Pat O'Brien This morning Pat O'Brien barged into my room and caught me dancing alone to my iPod. "What you listening to?" he asked. &quot