Anti-Gay Bullying Drives Teen To Suicide

An Oregon teen was taken off life support a week after he attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself from playground equipment at an elementary school. Jadin Bell, 15, was driven to take his own life because he was bullied for being

Teen Who Tweeted About Brownback Won't Apologize To Kansas Governor--UPDATED With BROWNBACK APOLOGY!

As Karoli noted, it seems tweeting about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback gets you a trip to the principal's office if the governor's staff happen to be reading your remarks and don't like them. As NBC action news reported earlier last week, eighteen-year-old Emma Sullivan had not yet decided if she was going to issue the requested apology to the governor's office. The good news is, it appears she has now made her decision and the answer is no.
C&L's Late Night Music Club With Nada Surf

C&L's Late Night Music Club With Nada Surf

If I were the type to jump around the room playing air guitar on a tennis raquet like some bad eighties movie, I would probably do it do this song. Nada Surf has consistently put out solid stuf beyond their MTV hit 'Popular', and they are also