Enemy Of The State: US Consulate In Melbourne Sit-In

After news that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had been designated an "Enemy of the State" by the United States government and that communication with him is considered "communicating with the enemy," protesters in Melbourne decided to

Court Requires Disabled Rape Victim To Prove She Resisted

View more videos at: The Connecticut State Supreme Court overturned the sexual assault conviction of a man who had sex with a woman who “has severe cerebral palsy, has the intellectual functional equivalent of

Moyers & Company: 'The One Percent Court'

Video and transcript via The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel and Jamie Raskin, constitutional law professor and Maryland state senator, join Bill to discuss how the uncontested power of the Supreme Court is changing our

Election 2012: Ready To Vote?

Planning to vote this November? Some things go better if you get prepared. People should get ready to vote now to make their voices heard in this important election year. There are a few ways voters can get their votes in easily, get their

Occupy Main Street

Artist Alex Schaefer turns chalking into an act of civil disobedience against the collusion between banks and state.

'Scotty, We're Coming For You'

Scotty, We're Coming for You from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo. Now that makes a statement! A governor who has a criminal defense fund, destroys workers' rights, slashes 800 million from public education in favor of tax breaks for the rich,

#A9 Call For Global Day Of Action: Chalkupy The World!

On July 12th, participants in OccupyLA met to raise awareness for unlawful arrests of activists that had been targeting a lobby group with a stranglehold on power over local and state politics. The activists handed out chalk and shared the story of unlawful arrests and police repression.