Jim Cramer

Fools On The Hill

C&L's Nicole Belle joins Nicole Sandler on her Radio or Not show every Monday morning to deconstruct the Sunday talking head shows in a segment they call "Fools on the Hill"

Cramer: ObamaCare Could Derail The Economy

I realize no one really cares what Jim Cramer thinks, but since he's broadcasting his nonsense out to the numb masses who actually tuned into this shriek-filled freakshow on Morning Joe, I think it's worth nominating him for the award of Liar

Gingrich Attacks #OWS Protesters As Clueless About History

Repeating his questions to Mitt Romney and Rick Perry on whether companies can both be profitable and create jobs, CNBC's Jim Cramer followed up by asking former Speaker Newt Gingrich if companies can do both as well. Gingrich responded by slamming

Jim Cramer: Wall Street HATES Obama!

There are moments where I despair for the fate of this country, because it seems to me that we operate from completely different sets of realities based on the same set of facts. Unfortunately, Jim Cramer exemplifies this kind of