Fox "News" Channel Will Not Let Swiftboat Go Away.

John Goodman, filling in for Bill O'Reilly, cited new polls stating that the Swift Boat Veteran's ad is hurting John Kerry stating that "independent voters who were pre-disposed to vote for Kerry are leaning the other way." In the segment, Goodman never stated what polls he was refering to and he ganged up with republican hatchet man Brent Bozell the "III" against Paul Waldman , editor for "Gadflyer" in the segment. in a recent post on their site :

I Denounce Your Non-Denouncement
Paul Waldman (11:14AM) link

John Kerry has now denounced an ad from MoveOn hitting back at the Bush campaign and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth over their ads. It’s a clever move, to a certain extent, because it puts pressure on Bush to denounce SBVT, which he hasn’t done. The response from the Bush campaign to MoveOn has been predictable: they condemned the "baseless charges" and sent John McCain to claim that the MoveOn ad is "the same line of scurrilous attack" as the Swift Boat Veterans ad.

Oh please. Let's get this straight: Every word of the MoveOn ad is true. The Swift Boat ad, on the other hand, is filled with false insinuations and unsubstantiated charges. Full article

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