Bill O'Reilly Rips John Kerry!

A picture named Novak 004.jpgBill O'Reilly rips John Kerry!

Watch that Loofah Bill:


O'Reilly goes off when Kerry criticizes Fox news, Sinclair Broadcasting and conservative talk radio. Bill says that 80% of the media was for John Kerry! Of course he doesn't have any facts to back it up, and only uses the Pew Research group when it suits his purposes.

He justifys FOX's "Fair and balanced" policy by saying that he gave Kerry the benfit of the doubt, but when he dodged all the tough media venues, I critized him." Meaning when Kerry wouldn't come on the factor.

"Sean Hannity favored Bush, Allan Colmes voted for Kerry and Greta Van Susteren certainly gave Kerry the benefit of the doubt as well. If that's not a balanced presentation, I'm Howard Dean." OK Bill Dean, what about the other twenty one hours of programming? He lies about his viewership ratings making it sound like he gets a five and six constantly. The nielson Top Ten cable ratings for the week of 11/15/04-11/21/04 Bill(Dean) O'Reilly didn't make the top ten. SpongeBob was ranked athe the bottom with a 2.8. On Zap2it Bill Dean's ratings for 01/08/04 - 11/14/04 was a 2.7.

Looking at Nightly news rating: from Top5 NBC's "Nightly News" won the evening news ratings race, averaging 10.8 million viewers (7.6, 14). ABC's "World News Tonight" had 9.7 million viewers (6.8, 13) and the "CBS Evening News" 7.5 million (5.4, 10).

According to a Pew research poll(that we sited yesterday in The Chis Matthews piece):

People who watched Fox News: 71% voted Bush 22% voted Kerry.

Listened to radio: 62% voted Bush 36% voted Kerry.

In fact the data supports Kerry's claims. Bush faired much better in the supposed liberal biased forums; while Kerry got slaughtered in the conservative platforms.


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