Donald Rumsfeld On MTP-"That Isn't A Mistake, Its Just Reality"  And " I Don't Remember"

Part I Russert definetly asked some good questions on MTP, and of course Rumsfeld did the "Rummy Dance"

Russert:.. Does any of that represent, in your mind, misjudgments made by you or the administration about Iraq?

Rumsfeld: This is in history. Why? Because the enemy has a brain and they're constantly adapting, so we're constantly adapting. Every time there's an adaptation, someone says, "Oh, there's a mistake." It isn't a mistake. It's just reality

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Russert: Do you think that was a misjudgment?

Rumsfeld: Well, you never know what's going to happen. I presented the president a list of about 15 things that could go terribly, terribly wrong before the war started.... So a great many of the bad things that could have happened did not happen because of the terrific job that General Franks and his team did.

Please someone get me that list. There are too many things to name, but was it a mistake to go in with not enough troops at the start of the war?...etc...fill in your own misjudgements and I'll post them.

Russert: Was a robust insurgency on your list that you gave the president?

Rumsfeld: I don't remember whether that was on there, but certainly it was discussed the possibility that you could have dead-enders who would fight.

Judd says: That’s convenient

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