Late Night With Snappy O'Berine And Freak Boy

What's a Friday night without a little O'Beirne? Snappy appeared on Hardball and was joined by David Ignatius from the Washington Post. He wasn't buying any of Kate's apologetic talking points and neither was Matthews.

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MATTHEWS: Well we know-I'm just going by the fact, I'm not a conspirator at all. In fact, I don't like conspiracy theories because they‘re generally not proven over time. I don‘t mind if they‘re proven, but they rarely are. What I do know as a fact, this will probably go down in the Encyclopedia of Britannica for one reason. The vice president didn't call the president the whole weekend to tell him what happened. That is a question I put to you. Why didn‘t he call the president, tell him what happened?

O‘BEIRNE: Why would he have to personally discuss this with the president? I just don‘t understand.

MATTHEWS: David, your thoughts?

IGNATIUS: If I accidentally shot somebody, I‘d call my boss. I‘d do that right away. I mean, I‘m sorry, but just on its face, common sense. If the vice president of the United States accidentally shoots somebody, you don‘t know how serious it is, you don‘t wait until the next day to disclose that to the public. It just doesn‘t work that way. That‘s not how our system works. I‘m sorry. You can talk all you want about AMA and the medical reports, but that misses the basic point. This was allowed to pass much beyond any reasonable time-line.


We actually saw something that has been missing from the talking heads shows for sometime now. Usually it's two wingnuts against a faux liberal journalist like Byron York and Peggy Noonan vs Washington Post reporter, but this time the tables were turned and Kate had to answer from two different panelists that weren't buying her manure.

To follow up on "Freak Boy" from the Whittington video:


"Perhaps he is there to "catapult the propaganda!"

"that freak is just an evil "worker bee" with a head full of chlobenzorex "

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"That SS-bot over Whit's shoulder is F*n scarin' me. And when Harry says 'Friday' (2:50) the stormtroopers eyes dart over to the other handler! FREEPY."

"Either he is the victim of anamorphic distortion, or he is an alien"

So who is this guy?


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