Mike's Blog Round Up

(sorry the C&L was down for a while)
A LIBERAL DOSE: Iraqi PM--"Al Zarqawi killed; hope for GOP campaign"

Fafblog! after the end of the world

The Opinion Mill: Today, the average conservative commentator comes across as a kissin' cousin to the inbred mountain men in Deliverance, yelling "Squeal like a pig!" as they bend Ned Beatty over a log.

The Mahablog: Compared to Vietnam, Iraq War photography is nearly devoid of dead American bodies. Lots of dead Iraqis, though.

Yep, another Goddamned blog: Nowhere in Eric Boehlert’s book can one find a liberal political agenda. Lapdogs is concerned with one agenda: Truth and fairness in journalism.

Sooner Thought: Why I left Oklahoma politics

Jim Hightower: Corporate America is shipping our manufacturing, high-tech, andprofessional-service jobs off to Lowwagehellistan – but at least they can't send our fast-food jobs away, right?


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