Anyone catch last night's Talking Points? Bill went on a rampage over the OJ Simpson special. Since Nicole was the mother of his two children, th
November 16, 2006

Anyone catch last night's Talking Points? Bill went on a rampage over the OJ Simpson special.

oreillymad.jpgSince Nicole was the mother of his two children, the horror of this is evident to any decent person. But FOX TV and a publisher believe they can make money on the project, so it's on. Add to that the Kansas late-term abortion situation, where hundreds, perhaps thousands of viable babies are being terminated by a doctor named George Tiller. Combined with Simpson, you now have two atrocities front and center before the American public.

So what are we going to do about it?

Don't expect any help from the elite media. It is largely ignoring the Simpson situation and yesterday, The New York Times editorialized that any investigation into Tiller's action is a gross assault on privacy and legal rights.

[..]So here's what I'm going to do as a citizen. I'm not going to watch the Simpson show or even look at the book. I'm not even going to look at it. If any company sponsors the TV program, I will not buy anything that company sells - ever.

If every American walked away from the O.J. garbage, it wouldn't happen. If every American demanded a full exposition of Dr. Tiller's activities, he would be forced to stop.

So it's on us. What kind of a country do we want? Remember that question if you are tempted to watch the Simpson special. Read full Talking Points here.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Bill didn't clear this TP with the suits at corporate. Although Bill does later makes the outrageously weaselly claim that FOX TV and FOX News Channel are not related (despite Roger Ailes being Chairman of both and both falling under Murdoch ownership, as does publisher Judith Regan's imprint, Regan Books) to distance himself from the controversy. I can imagine that there are some very interesting closed-door meetings happening today.

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