Is Boyda Nuts?

bodya.jpg I saw this last night on ABC in a segment titled "Washington's Freshman Talk Iraq Policy" and my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

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Gibson: Would you vote in favor of money to support another 20,000 to 40,000 troops in Iraq?
Boyda: I think we're going to vote to support what the commander in chief and head of military asks to do. At least, I am certainly going to vote to support it.

Gibson: If he wants the surge, he'll get it.

Boyda: Yes.… He is the commander in chief, Charlie. We don't get that choice. Congress doesn't make that decision.

Gibson: But the polls would indicate, and indeed, so many voters when they came out of the ballot box, said, "We're voting because we want something done about the war and we want the troops home."

Boyda: They should have thought about that before they voted for President Bush not once, but twice.

Is she kidding me? Earth to Boyda, we just had another election and the American people realized they made a mistake and voted YOU in to make a change. You're supposed to be part of the solution now, not another Rubber Stamper. Wake up! Howie Klein has more...Steve Gilliard too.
Contact her here to break the trance...D.C. Office: (202) 225-6601 Topeka, KS Office: (785) 234-8111 Pittsburgh, KS Office: (620) 231-3011


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