Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike Finnigan here. Back layin' in da cut for the first time in three months. I want to thank the intrepid bloggers who stepped up and took care of the Roundup so spectacularly while I was away:

The Vagabond Scholar, Batocchio; Cernig at The Newshoggers; Simbaud of King of Zembla; Joe Ivory Mattingly, The Heretik; Lambert at Corrente; Jon Perr from Perrspectives; the Satirical Political Report's Don Davis; Skippy the Bush Kangaroo; William Wolfrrum; Mark Hoback of The Aristocrats; and my "go-to" sub on many prior occasions, the versatile, always charming, sometimes enigmatic, but consistently fabulous, Blue Gal. That's an All Star lineup, folks. I'm gonna spend the next couple days rounding all of them up! I would be remiss if I didn't also express my gratitude to our fearless leader John Amato and the hardest workin' woman in the blogosphere, Nicole Belle.

Vagabond Scholar: Congratulations on your blogiversary, my friend! Two years in blog years is like five years to a regular human.

The Newshoggers: Re-Framing, Iraq Style

King of Zembla: Right-wingers, disgusted by government waste-and-fraud, seek reflexively to replace it with corporate waste-and-fraud -- at a substantial markup.

The Heretik: Welcome to 'dumb all over again'

Corrente: Lambert's blog

The Satirical Political Report: Al Sharpton claims Michael Vick was framed by a white pit bull


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