Mary Matalin: Cheney Is brilliant And People Are Sick Of Bush Bashing Stuff

While talking about possible VP's on Meet the Press, Lady MacCheney praises her ex-boss by having the audacity to say Dick Cheney is brilliant because he overstepped his authority and turned the VP's office into a Co-Presidency. Something that has hurt this country badly and led to the leaking of a CIA agent's name to the press which got Scooter Libby convicted of multiple felonies. And then she delves into freeper land with this one:

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Matlain: Dick Cheney has changed the nature of that office....this brilliant man has made that office completely relevant.

Is Condi Rice?

You know Condi Rice, people don't know about Dr. Rice, is that she weighed in on every domestic issue before the President

Russert: Well wouldn't that be third term Bush.


You know, people are not, people are sick of this Bush bashing stuff.

It's good to know that Condi had a hand in the terrible economy Americans are faced with. No Lady MacCheney, I'd say at 28 %, people ARE sick of Bush, but not the much deserved criticism he receives. Americans are sick of the way their lives are going under Bush's presidency. They are sick of Iraq, torture, no health care, gas prices, etc...

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