Jon Stewart Rips GOP For Bullshit Claim They Want To Work With Obama


The Daily Show's Jon Stewart ripped the Republicans to shreds for their "premium Grade A grass-fed free-range bullshit" claims that they really want to work with President Obama, but can't because their tender fee fees have been hurt.

Stewart wrapped things up by taking some shots at Rep. Michael Grimm and his threat to kill a reporter live on the air the other night, and said maybe Grimm can "clue us in" to just who the Republicans are when the cameras aren't on.

Jon Stewart Calls Out Republicans On Their BS For Claiming They Want Bipartisanship:

Stewart turned it up to eleven with his righteous indignation and it was glorious. Essentially, he took Republicans to task for pretending like they really want to work with the President and create real, working bipartisan relationship with him and Democrats. As Stewart so accurately pointed out, the GOP has worked since day one of Obama’s presidency to make sure that Barack Obama would get nothing passed with bipartisan support because he ran on that promise in 2008. Therefore, they have made sure to, by design, be against every single thing that he has supported.

On Wednesday night, Stewart’s bullsh*t detector was working marvelously. He highlighted the false, sanctimonious face Republicans give the media time and time again, acting as if they really just want to work with the President and that he is just being too mean and hurting their feelings. All the while, they go to Twitter and call him a dictator and a lawless king who deserves to be impeached. In front of cameras, they’ll pretend like they really care about coming up with honest, real solutions. However, when they think the cameras aren’t on anymore, they’ll threaten to kill you if you cross them.

BruinKid at Daily Kos has the entire transcript with more clips posted here: MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart TEARS apart GOP whining about Obama being divisive, exposes REAL GOP id:

My favorite part of the whole thing was his Mitch McTurtle McConnell imitation.

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