Christian Minister Incites Christians To 'Spiritual Violence'

You may remember John McCain's shame when he first accepted and then rejected extreme right wing, anti-Catholic minister John Hagee's endorsement. Well, that knocked the minister off the front pages of the news for quite a while, but now Hagee is back with proselytizing more insanity. Only this time it's his son Matthew spewing the hatred.

On yesterday's "Hagee Hotline," Matthew Hagee called on conservative Christians to become more "spiritually violent" in fighting against things like gay marriage and abortion because secularists who support such things have "become violent with people of faith."

Citing the Supreme Court's recent ruling upholding sectarian prayer at government meetings, Hagee said that he would have rejoiced if the ruling has been 8-1 "because then we would know that we have one liberal judge that we needed to get rid of." But the actual 5-4 ruling is cause for alarm because it means that prayer is just one vote away from being entirely eliminated from public life, Hagee warned, and that "ought to be something that causes us to be chilled to the bone."

It's absolute nonsense for us to be debating the value of prayer," Hagee said, just as it is "absolute nonsense" to even be having debates over issues like gay marriage and abortion.

The reason such debates are happening, he said, is because Christians are not being "intrusive enough to make sure that our faith is established in our culture." As a result, secularists have "become violent with people of faith" and Christians need to fight back.

"There is a value in spiritual violence," Hagee declared, "and it is time that you considered the role that you are playing or not playing and whether or not it's time for you to become more aggressive in your beliefs."

Christian conservatives use backlash and persecution politics more than any group out there and their talking heads are becoming scarier and scarier. How crazy is it for a supposed man of God, (or anyone for that matter) to urge his followers to use violence against his fellow man because the Supreme Court didn't vote 8-1 for allowing prayer into government buildings? This is violent lunacy.

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I think he may be heading down the road of Fox's fictional character Joe Carroll, don't you?

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