Congressman Ryan gave quite a Pinocchio impression on Fox's 'Sunday Futures.' Democrats ignore his great job-creation ideas like the Keystone Pipeline and Dems' prevention of savage cuts to social safety nets are ruining his diabolical plans.
October 19, 2014

The basic premise of any story that Fox News features is the government under President Obama lacks 'leadership.' When the U.S. economy was hemorrhaging 700,000 jobs per month, no one questioned the leadership capabilities of the Cheney/Bush Administration, they just blamed Wall Street and not the blatant absence of regulations to prevent corruption. But now that the economy is growing, unemployment is down significantly and jobs are being added every month for the last three years, President Obama isn't a real leader.

Paul Ryan, the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver is considered one of the architects of the brilliant plan to save our economy, which would include the exact same ill-conceived tactics of the last GOP president. When you have a House filled with geniuses like Blake Farenholtz and Louis Gohmert, the bar in the GOP is so low that Ryan is considered the modern-day Albert Einstein.

Esquire's Charlie Pierce understands the basic modus operandi of this alleged policy "wonk."

Paul Ryan wants these programs destroyed because Paul Ryan, as a matter of deepest principle, does not believe they are a legitimate function of the government. He will never believe that. He may let them die on the vine because he can't find a way to blow them up all at once, but his essential goal never has changed...Since 2010, in the House Of Representatives, where Paul Ryan passes for a genius because, you know, Louie Gohmert and all, they have voted 42 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and they have decimated the food stamp program, and they have not taken a single vote on a legitimate jobs plan.

Maria Bartiromo, who has changed her allegiance from Fox-lite (CNBC) to full Fox News mouthpiece, believes Wall Street is never culpable for any crisis. She allows Ryan to go unchallenged on all his ridiculous claims.

He said Keystone Pipeline, Fracking and "helping our European friends get off Putin's gas," would solve many of our economic woes which he has blown way out of proportion.

"There are a lot of things that have to get done that we will do ... add some certainty to the economy, give businesses and hard-working taxpayers a little more confidence to take a risk, to save, to plan, to invest, so that we can get out of this slow growth phase we're in,"

Ryan said, adding that he thinks an absence of American leadership has been the reason for the recent stock market turbulence. That awful Harry Reid just won't put his irresponsible ideas on the floor for a vote, and that makes him very angry. It's strange he'd forget to mention President Obama inherited a Stock Market with a Dow Jones Average of 6,000 and it is currently at 16,380 (which is just a disastrous number)!

His running mate, Willard Romney claimed he could get the unemployment to 6% by 2016, but President Obama has gotten it to 5.9% in two years. That proves he must be a terrible leader. Forget all that factual nonsense, Ryan and Bartiromo couldn't complain enough about our nation's 'slow growth.' If anyone's still not convinced this guy is loaded with cow excrement, he received benefits from the dreaded government when his father died, by collecting his Social Security. Therefore, if he already got his, why should anyone else expect money from a system they already paid into?

Lastly, he denounced the appointment of "Ebola Czar" Ron Klain. Ryan claims he's just a crony appointment and further proof the president lacks leadership. The dearth of leadership is perfectly clear to all Fox viewers, so Roger Ailes' network is functioning perfectly.

This social experiment of letting a black man rule the country has been simply disastrous for America; factual data proving otherwise be damned! This interview could have been conducted by any pundit with any Republican and all pundits and hosts read from the same GOP talking points memo so they all sound like they are in lock step. The indoctrination of their viewers with calculated, coordinated attacks against all Democratic leaders is no accident. "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ― Adolf Hitler

I'm aware that I'm guilty of violating Godwin's law, but Fox is almost as good, if not better at propaganda than Nazi Germany.

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