November 24, 2014

A Monday morning is not complete without the rantings of a true Republican hero, Donald Trump. No matter where he is in the United States, Trump graces the friends with his two cents every Monday. The mendacious master of monetary mayhem generally has harsh words for anyone who doesn't kiss his ass, as if he's been a flawless business man and the ultimate deal-maker. In the alternate reality that is Fox News, no one seems bothered by the less-than-stellar acumen also known as Trump's CV.

Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009. All of these bankruptcies were connected to over-leveraged casino and hotel properties in Atlantic City, all of which are now operated under the banner of Trump Entertainment Resorts.

Since this Congress and the New 114th seem to only have an affinity for two things: government shutdown and impeachment, the "friends" sought the sagacious delusions of New York's favorite hairpiece on the matter. Steve Doocy is simply tickled pink that the president tried to "bend over backwards for Boehner." President Obama figured the petulant Speaker should, at the very least, put the immigration bill up for a vote. Of course Fox News sees it differently, no black president should expect any sort of cooperation from the House.

Steve Doocy asked a telephoning Donald Trump (who found a limo ride of 0.7 miles to Fox News' NYC studios too arduous)

Do you think the Republicans simply didn't act, the president was doing everything he could?

Trump had nothing but disrespect and disdain for "Obammer." In what could be the longest run-on rant since Sarah Palin's latest word salad, Trump says:

...He's very aloof and he doesn't deal with people, he's a bad leader, and he can't get people into the room and, you know, twist their wrists as the expression goes, and get him to make a deal, like a Lyndon Johnson used to do, like so many people used to do, like Reagan used to do with O'Neill, and others, and you get them in the room and you make a deal... but certainly he has not been able to do that, now he has to use Executive Action, this should be over-written easily by the Supreme Court, but you have a Justice Roberts who, frankly, what he did with Obammer Care turned out to be wrong because the tax the tax, and all of those, that came out loud and clear with GRUBER's statement, so Justice Roberts was absolutely wrong, but so you have a ya know, a wild card, appointed by President Bush, Roberts which was another disaster given by President Bush, this was a total catastrophe, Obamacare should have been over so, we're looking now at a situation that would not pass muster in terms of constitutionality, but it depends what these Justices do.

Apparently the same court responsible for the Citizens United and McCutcheon verdicts is not conservative enough for Donald Trump.

Hasselbeck, who profusely thanked Trump for taking time from his ultra-important, self-aggrandizing, asked if he thinks a shutdown could or should happen. He proceeds to blame the President and the Democrats for the last government shutdown, and another the idea of another one is just "a lotta crap." He suggests the Democrats are trying, however futilely, to out-maneuver the Republicans and after this last "great triumph" of a midterm election, they should not allow the Democrats ANY success. The conversation turned to another tired subject, impeachment.

Trump asserts that the president was just acting reckless again. "He certainly did something that was unconstitutional," but that (damned) Justice Roberts, who will never atone for his SCOTUS decision to allow Obamacare under the Commerce Clause, will probably not be able to stand up to the president. Impeachment probably won't happen, but he suggests it's surely in order. Then came the real One Flew Over the Orange Nest crazy talk, replete with school girl-giggling from an adoring Hasselbeck.

Trump: "People are pouring in to the country, there's no stopping them! Now, with those people, you'll have sick people (who will be getting that damned Obamacare), gang members, you'll have some really bad dudes coming in, and you may even have "The ISIS" start coming in, why should they go the normal route?

The ISIS will now cross the porous border we share with our Mexican neighbor! Trump said they'd never get into Mexico because it's one of toughest countries to enter, but they'll be sending them our way, regardless of how hard it is for them to enter Mexico, despite how Mexico is making a fortune off the United States (?). Trump sounded a lot like Derek Zoolander, who also can't ever turn left. Nonsense or not, The Donald is the Oracle of Fox News, logic be damned.

The viewers now know the whole reason for the president's Executive Action. He's trying to divert the ISIS INTO the U.S., Eureka! All this other stuff, like killing Bin Laden, was merely a diversion for the president's true desires to import a brutal terrorist group so we don't have to fight them 'over there.' Just in case this fear-mongering by Trump isn't enough to satisfy Fox News viewers, the hosts tease upcoming segments with two of the most shameful alarmists they can dig up, Ted Cruz and Rudy Giuliani.

But before they let him off the phone to go fire someone, they discuss the off-handed comment by President Obama, on "This Week" on ABC, that the country will be ready for that "new car smell" in 2016. This was an obvious affront to Hillary Clinton. After telling us how Hillary should be disgusted by this black White House occupant, Trump drops some more knowledge on us. Bill Clinton "can't stand Obammer," I know that for a fact. The most insulting thing to Hillary, according to Trump, was that he suggested other candidates for 2016.

Apparently, this "emperor" president is criticized for NOT being a kingmaker. It never ends with these people. Trump reassures his audience that President Obama can do NOTHING right, as if there was any doubt in the feeble mind of the Fox News-consumer.

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