Johnathan Gentry is one of the half-dozen token Fox News self-loathing black pundits. He thinks the D.O.J. was wrong to investigate Ferguson.
March 7, 2015

Your World With Neil Cavuto wants to appear fair and balanced, because it's painfully obvious there is little parity and much imbalance if you just listen to the dialogue. But there are is a substantial segment of the Fox News audience who either can't hear the conversation, or who are looking but not paying close attention. Cavuto often interviews Johnathan Gentry, Minister of West Angeles Church of God in Christ, who fits the token African-American roll perfectly on Fox News.

Today's rant was regarding the D.O.J.'s Ferguson findings. Obviously shaken by the audacity of the Obama Administration to monitor a sacred police department, he went on a similar tantrum that we've seen before. His early December, 2014 appearance on Your World, had the minister shouting wildly, as is his signature style. He was ranting and raving over the public outrage after Darren Wilson was acquitted in the Ferguson, Mo. shooting of Michael Brown in August 2014. He saw no reason to riot. After all, Mike Brown was walking while being black, it's his own fault, if you asked Gentry.

GENTRY: What we're doing is glorifying ignorance. That's what we're doing. This is out of control, what the media is pushing out and what we're seeing in this city is disgusting. It is disgusting.

His feelings haven't changed, he fully supports the obvious racist conduct of the Ferguson P.D. and the Feds should "stay out of it." A.G. Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and President Obama are all culpable for blowing this whole Ferguson Police Department report up to epic proportions. Gentry is not interested in the statistical findings that show an immensely grotesque degree of racism that no one could have imagined (unless you are a black male perhaps). Statistics and facts be damned! Gentry and Cavuto have the whole thing figured out. They need more god in their lives. Jesus Christ would save them, if they only let him into their lives.

"Poverty isn't always about money, (really?) it's the spirit, it's the victimized, oppression, you ain't gonna be anything. You're not gonna succumb to nothing. You're gonna go through life and just be a statistic. They're bringing that kind of message to the hearts and ears to those who can't think for themselves. God is trying to get this nation to evolve for change...They want you to be oppressed, do you understand? I'm trying to pick you up and take you to higher ground with the spirit god gave me, you understand me?...but they keep wanting to go back and feel victimized, I don't feel victimized... God can change anyone's life around."

He accused people like Holder, Sharpton and President Obama for withholding the truth about god. Therefore, no reports (like that Ferguson D.O.J. study) are necessary. Let Jesus Christ save them, stop hiding the lord from these troubled African-Americans!

Cavuto fanned the flames by asking Gentry,

"why don't you get a chance to get an audience with these task forces that they set up, by the Administration to look into this thing. I have nothing against hearing from Sharpton, etc. But the fair and balanced part of me says I want to hear from guys like you."

The minister explains that high profile people ignore him. So of course, Cavuto asks why. Johnathan said they ignore him because,

"they are petrified of the truth... God has raised me up at a time as this to tell em, you better tell these people the truth...These people are giving up, they're giving up. You go to church and see these broken families, but even the pastors are lying to them."

Wait a minute, Gentry. The church where they are closer to god is lying to them? I thought god was missing. The minister most likely means that pastors who are sympathetic to the plight of racism are all wrong.

With what is perhaps the most unenthusiastic ending to a segment, Cavuto said, "I don't think he's a bad guy to listen to, folks." When Gentry said he would love to be on Megyn Kelly's show or The O'Reilly Factor, Cavuto told him not to hold his breath. Only diversity-loving shows like Cavuto's would dare put a wingnut of this caliber on his/her program.

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