July 14, 2015

Ed Henry filled in for Brian Kilmeade this morning, and as predicted, the right wing warmongers are collectively losing their marbles over the Iran Deal. Fox had on two Republican candidates, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) both expressed displeasure at any deal with Iran that didn't guarantee war, but Lindsey was especially flabbergasted. Christie was busy ranting about the suddenly massive border security issue.

Here are a few of his most vapor-inspiring rants:

He's taken the world's most destabilizing power, and he's guaranteed they will become a nuclear nation.

All the Arab nations will be threatened by this deal.

This could be a death sentence for the State of Israel.

This is like taking a can of gasoline and throwing it on a fire.

Instead of dismantling their program, we're ensuring that they become a nuclear nation. This is a deal for a deal's sake.

Here's why he and his Israeli ass-kissing party are completely wrong, as usual. First of all, Iran never attacked the United States or sent terrorists abroad to wreak havoc on our society. Secondly, Iran has no desire to see itself eradicated. Thirdly, Iran has every right to be upset with our meddling in their affairs (see 1953 coup and the U.S.S. Vincennes shooting down their airliner). Fourth, Iran's population is not at all like the Wahabbists of Saudi Arabia. If we stay out of their affairs and allow them to heal economically, odds are that its theocratic elements, with increased Western influence, will become less powerful. And finally, Iran is surrounded by nations with nuclear power. Why is it okay when Israel, India and Pakistan have nuclear capabilities while Iran is just a sitting duck among nations that are more hostile than they are?

It has to be asked, who is more likely to use nukes—North Korea, Pakistan, or Iran? Most experts pick Pakistan first, then North Korea.

It is an unfortunate situation that the conflicts (caused by GOP Administrations no less) of the past can't be resolved by Republicans. They forget, there is a large Persian presence in this country, close to half a million who identify themselves as Persian/Iranian-Americans. Iran has over 77 million people, the majority of whom are under thirty. In contrast, there are roughly 8 million Israelis. Disregarding such a regional power is a very stupid ideology, especially when Iran knows full well not to attack Israel. President Obama understands they could become a very valuable ally to America.

The Persians are highly educated, and this is perhaps why the GOP finds them so objectionable. They are also the natural enemy of ISIL, and having a powerful ally in the region that is willing to fight this group is certainly a plus. The GOP needs bogeymen, and like Cuba, Iran is a country that shouldn't be viewed as 'the Great Satan.' Unless of course, the GOP doesn't want to eradicate ISIL, much like Al Qaeda, they can be used to justify military action in the region, whenever they choose.

The GOP nominee, whoever that may be, will assuredly be against diplomacy in general, especially with Israel's favorite foe. This is why it is absolutely vital that a Democrat wins in 2016. It's time to bury the hatchet with countries that share so much in common with our own. History will view U.S. Presidents who conduct diplomacy much more favorably than the idiot warmongers that have cost the nation far too much in blood and treasure.

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