October 20, 2015

Sheriff David Clarke is a rabidly anti-Democratic 'elected' official from Milwaukee. He was initially appointed to the position in 2002, and as an incumbent, he has subsequently won several four year terms. Clarke's a regular on Fox 'News' who denounces our POTUS, Democrats or lately, the Black Lives Matter movement as fraudulent and illegitimate. Alan Colmes sparred with the Sheriff regarding his assertions that the Democratic Party is using the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement to gain African-American voters.

Clarke is a well-known ammosexual who advises people to own firearm(s) and take matters into their own hands rather than call 911. He says that the Democrats are keeping the Blacks on the plantation, which is a God-awful metaphor for welfare and public assistance.

Alan asked him about his racist claim that Democrats intentionally manipulate Black People:

'Don't Blacks vote Democratic voluntarily or are they; you just say that, they're ignorant, they don't know what's best for them, that's why they vote Democratic?'

Clarke thinks of the Democratic Black vote as monolithic and that any one, two, or five point shave off of their vote would mean electoral defeat.

"They are being enslaved mentally. Look, this emotional appeal by Democrat candidates, you can't make it, Black people, without us. If you vote for somebody else other than a Democrat, all of your entitlements will be taken away, all the free stuff we give you will be taken away, that is a very debilitating emotional mindset for people who can not sort things out for themselves."

Colmes asks if he means to be so insulting, by insinuating that the only reason Black people vote Democratic is for the 'free stuff.' He explained to Clarke that the GOP gives handouts to the 1% in the form of generous tax breaks. To this, he blamed this 'boogeyman of racism.' Democrats push the fallacy that Republicans are racist. He mentioned Joe Biden for some unexplained reason, and accused him of manipulating Black people to believe that if you vote for Republicans, they'll have you back in chains. He doesn't believe that institutionalized racism exists. *facepalm

During a recent interview with Judge Pirro on Fox 'News,' Clarke had some inflammatory comments for the BLM.

Credit: FoxNews.com

More specifically, the BLM movement is an offshoot of the 'proven false, hands up, don't shoot' movement that originated from the Ferguson Police murder of Mike Brown in 2014. There's no definitive evidence that this is a proven fact, but the right wing believes in its veracity the same way they believe the doctored Planned Parenthood hatchet job video was authentic. Clarke denies the factual FBI statistics that clearly show a disproportionate number of Black males are killed by cops. When you're a Black Republican in law enforcement, apparently, statistics don't matter either.

Alan asks him to elaborate on his pronouncement that we need another Lexington or Concord type moment, to spark a desperately needed revolution. For inspiration, Sheriff Dave says that he reads the Declaration of Independence every year because he is so fond of the Revolutionary War and the efforts of our Founding Fathers to garner their own liberty and freedom. He's a 'take-America-back proponent,' which clearly insinuates that the current Black President is not legitimate, as are all Democrats who push false narratives to acquire votes.

Clarke happily regurgitates the tired, old GOP talking point:

"I want a country that follows the Constitution, where 'we the people' are in charge, not a small group of bureaucrats in Washington D.C."

Colmes reminded him that our Representatives in D.C. are representative of we the people, but he didn't acknowledge that truth at all. He refused to admit that he specifically wants an armed uprising, hinting that it's not that far-fetched, and we need either a physical or metaphorical revolution; 'you decide.' Sheriff Clarke memorized his right-wing talking points very well, not hesitating at all, while he repeated the trite fallacies espoused by his sham of a political party.

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