December 3, 2015

Here's a great example of how the right turns reality on its head without both sides doing it.

Hater Extraordinaire Rush Limbaugh was on one of his epic tears Thursday, broadcasting all the blame out to his audience. (I felt slimed reading through the transcripts on his site, and it was just one day's worth.)

As you listen, or read through the transcript, consider exactly how twisted it is that he would say these things while ignoring the despicable acts of Robert Dear at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility. I could substitute the word "right" for "left" and the references to San Bernardino to the Planned Parenthood shooting easily enough.

Just imagine the blowback if I, or someone in the broadcast media, did such a thing. It would be fierce, immediate, and intellectually dishonest, just like this little gem is.

Yes, ladies and gents of the left, Rush thinks "the left" drove that couple to embark on a mission of death. Don't ask for logic. There is none.

What an amazing illustration of where this country is just watching the news media since last night following this event. Folks, there's so many things here that are just rock solid simple that are being made complicated, obfuscated. It's absurd and it is obscene to watch the efforts of the left cover this up. It's as though they think they did it. I'm talking about the Democrats that are talking about this, the media that is talking about this, trying to pin blame on people that had nothing to do with it. It is almost as though the people on the left in this country feel guilty and are trying to transfer that guilt in order to protect their political agenda.

Ladies and gentlemen, 14 people are dead and a greater number are wounded. If you can't identify, if you can't admit that what happened here is an act of terror, then you're not trying. You don't need the motive. They've got the motive. They just don't want to announce the motive. Last night watching the media on this was as frustrating as anything I've done recently. "Well, you know, it's very delicate here. We can't really." They had the name for three hours before they would announce it. "Well, we're gonna be very delicate, you know, we don't want to cause any backlash." Backlash? Backlash? What is it gonna take to wake people up?

I'm telling you, the only thing that explains the Democrat Party on this and the only thing that explains the left and the media and everybody that's on the left is they know that their political agenda is threatened by these events, and they're doing everything they can to protect that agenda and make sure that it isn't damaged. That is the sole reason for the way they treat these events. Not just this one, but Fort Hood, you name it, whatever act of Islamic Jihad that happens in this country, it cannot ever be stated as such. If you can't see that this was an act of terror, you're not trying. Or either you are desperately trying to protect your political agenda from being damaged.

It's just stunning. It has been eye opening. It has been educational, informative, and illustrative to watch the pained efforts of many, primarily in the media and many of their guests to try to tell people this was not what we all know it is. Before anybody knew anything, the left on their blogs and websites were out blaming right-wing Christians. Brian Ross was out there -- grab audio sound bite number nine, because a lot of people sent me e-mails today, "Was Brian Ross trying to find this guy as a member of a Tea Party group in San Bernardino?"

Remember the Colorado shooting? Brian Ross, ABC News, investigative ace, went on the air claiming that the shooter was a member of a Colorado Tea Party organization and then had to walk it back. So eager are these people to pin all of this on people that had nothing to do with it. It's even gotten so absurd now that they are criticizing Republicans and anybody else who prays after these events as a total waste of time, total phoniness because prayers don't stop bullets and prayers aren't gonna fix this, and that's the cover of the New York Daily News today.

It is never more obvious to me than it is today that the left knows it is responsible for this. The left knows that it is as guilty as those pulling the trigger here, and they're doing everything they can to transfer that guilt and cover it up.
So since I got e-mails on Brian Ross about this, let's listen to how Brian Ross actually touched on this. Good Morning America today, George Stephanopoulos, well known Democrat Party hack disguised as a journalist. "Brian, what more are we learning about the possible motives of the shooters?"

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