March 26, 2016

Television viewers in Britain watched in abject horror at the insanity that is Donald Trump during a one hour televised interview with Piers Morgan earlier this week. Not only could Donald not answer most questions directly, but he rambled on about a variety of topics, such as ISIS, Brussels, gun violence and golf courses.

Daily Mail reports that viewers of Piers Morgans recent hour long interview with presumptive GOP presidential nominee did not garner the respect or support that Trump probably hoped for. In fact, if Twitter is any indication of how well he is liked overseas, it is clear he is becoming the laughing stock of American politics.

Here are some of the more hilarious tweets:

Two excellent observations, but my favorite is this one:

Just a few examples of Trump's non-answer answers. When asked about the recent terror attacks in Brussels, he had literally nothing to say. At least nothing related to the attacks. Instead he commented on the city:

"I knew Brussels years ago and I was there three or four times, it was so beautiful and secure and safe and now it’s an armed camp. It’s a different world and place, there’s no assimilation. What’s going on there and in other countries is a disgrace."

His only comment about ISIS was vague - he would "hit [them] so hard you wouldn’t believe." This response was typical Trump tap dancing, as 99.% of his policy related answers usually involve the words "great, huge, tremendous" or his typical catch phrase "trust me" (which I don't) but don't actually *say* anything substantive.

When asked about Paris and gun violence he blamed mental health and a lack of guns in the "good guys hands":

"If you take Paris and there were a few guns on the other side of the room that had guns in their waist or ankle it wouldn’t have been the same,’ he said. Number two, at least you’ve had bullets going the other way. Here, there’s a tremendous mental health problem in the US and for cost reasons many of the cities are losing their mental hospitals and people are out on the street who shouldn’t be."

Nothing like a gun battle erupting in the dark! Clearly, presidential material right here folks. Arm everyone. Toddlers don't need pacifiers, they need guns. Elementary school kids don't need Nerf guns, give em the real thing! High school graduates, guns. Your blind grandma? She can carry a gun with her walker.

Trump, laughing stock of the world. GOP, you made him.


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