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Desperate Grover Norquist Says Vapers And Uber Drivers Will Vote Against Clinton

How this guy gets a column in the Washington Post is beyond me.
Desperate Grover Norquist Says Vapers And Uber Drivers Will Vote Against Clinton
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I guess the internet was down at the Washington Post this weekend so all they had to publish was this crayon-scrawled nonsense by Grover Norquist about the new! untapped! voting blocs! Republicans can count on! come November.

Entitled "These six new voting blocs won’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House," the list includes, and I am not making this up, home-schoolers, people who vape, concealed carry permit holders, and Uber drivers.

I'm going to ignore the home-school and gun users because, yeah, they nearly always vote Republican anyway, with the exception that yes, there are some liberal home-school advocates out there.

People who vape? Democrats in Congress want to regulate and tax vaping the way we currently do cigarettes. The law will inevitably catch up with the new way of smoking. People who vape might also like to not carpet bomb the Middle East, and they may have a revulsion to, I don't know, shades of White supremacy in the Republican Party. I can't see "because I vape" being the single issue campaign of 2016.

And the Uber drivers thing is the most stupid of all. Progressives want fair pay for fair work. Period. The gig economy is exploiting workers, and no one knows this better than Uber drivers. In many cases the call for more regulation is coming from the drivers themselves.

I can easily imagine what possessed Grover Norquist to write this column -- he and other conservatives secretly pray for a Clinton presidency because Hillary hate is a guaranteed money printer for people like him (Hi there Hugh Hewitt). Here's proof: he even got column inches in the Washington Post before the primaries were over, talking about vaping and Uber!

What I can't understand is why the Washington Post printed his prattle. Again, I have to assume they're either out of ideas on how to tilt Republican, or else they're just lazy.

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