May 20, 2016

Donald Trump joined MSNBC's Morning Joe earlier today and after discussing a few different topics, including Trump's disdain for former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, co-host Mika Brzezinski took aim at Trump's insensitive twee about the EgyptAir Flight 804 plane crash.

Here's what Trump tweeted after the news broke about the missing plane.

Instead of saying kind words to those who were suffering, Donald used the plane crash to promote himself for president.

After Trump bashed Gates, Mika said that Bob Gates was "one of the greatest foreign policy minds in history minds and I think the worry also is just how you will - be as president and present your positions and your words, and there are some concerns that you might be trigger happy with your words."

Trump said, "I didn't want to g into Iraq"

Mika said, "For example, the tweet, that you sent out yesterday morning."

"What's wrong with em?"

"I will tell you what some might say."

"Go ahead."

"That it was very much generating hatred, focusing on the hatred and fear that terrorism brings to.." (Alright)

"Well you feel that way..."

"And maybe perhaps that first tweet..."

"I can practically guarantee who blew it up and when the plane went down..."

"Donald, listen to yourself right now."

"...mindset of a weak Hillary Clinton, which is four more years of Obama, which is not going to do it for our country, Mika."

"Is there any concern is that a lot of what you say, is focused on hatred and fear and sort of generating more anger and churning it up..That tweet, perhaps you might have thought about the families who were suffering first."

"I'm thinking of the future..."

Trump went on to recite his radical Islam talking points and he said if another couple of planes go down, the world is going to have a deep depression....

He didn't say how he would stop terrorists attacking planes that aren't from the US though, but he did ratchet up the fear as Mika pointed out by saying, "There will be no communication between countries."

Say, what? Trump just babbles nonsense when he gets stumped on a question...

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