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Ted Cruz In Wild Confrontation With Donald Trump Supporter

Ted Cruz tells Trump supporter, "He's playing you for a chump."

Since the primaries have shifted to Indiana, Ted Cruz has been getting sick and tired of being heckled. He told a boisterous kid, who told Cruz that he "sucked," that in his household a spanking would be in order and after being taunted by Trump supporters today, he responded in an uncharacteristic and wild way.

He approached the Trump supporter (I'll call him Trumper) with some obvious PR on his mind, and engaged in an almost seven minute conversation with the die hard fan, in an effort to try and change his mind.

It was pretty fascinating watching Cruz treat the supporter like some television host, and read off his litany of prepared attacks against the Donald, to win an argument against a person that had no intention of switching to Cruz, ever.

Cruz started by saying "I'm running to be everyone's president," but the Trumper told him "We don't want you."

He then asked Ted to "do the math. You asked Kasich to drop out, it's your turn. Take your own words. Time to drop out, sir."

Cruz responded by saying Donald's not going to get to 1237, but the Trumper said, "He's going to get more than 1237."

Cruz finally asked him "what he liked about Trump and the heckler said, "Everything." Ted kept pushing for an example and he said, "The wall."

Cruz went over almost every single criticism that he throws at Trump on the stump and in debates, but as he spoke to the Trumper, but his efforts were fruitless.

The Trumper asked him about his wife working at Goldman Sachs. "Where's your Goldman Sachs jacket, we know your wife works there."

Cruz responded later by saying, "Trump is deceiving you, he's playing you for a chump."

Asked about what he'd do for the second amendment, he said, "Donald Trump," is a new York liberal, who will take away your second amendment rights. This man is lying to you and he's taking advantage of you."

What Cruz just did here is call this Trump supporter a chump and an idiot. I'm sure that will help him in Indiana.

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Then Cruz said that Donald was heckled like he had just been, Trump would have told his supporters "to punch those guys in the face. That's what Donald does to protesters"

The Trumper said to him, "you're flying out tomorrow, Indiana don't want you."

When Cruz told them he was being respectful of them the entire time and began a sentence by saying, "and a question everyone here should ask...."

A supporter cut in and said, "Are you Canadian?"

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