Paul Manafort does his best to spin his boss' absurd press conference this week and wants us to believe that Hillary Clinton is the one who is "tone deaf."
June 26, 2016

As Karoli discussed here earlier this week, after Donald Trump's disastrous press conference in Scotland:

Hillary Clinton's campaign released a video responding to Donald Trump's absurd press conference today where he showed no knowledge of the issues at stake in the Brexit vote and instead took reporters on a tour of his golf course in Scotland.

So what was the Trump campaign's response to the ad? Let's pretend Hillary Clinton is the one who is "tone deaf" and out of touch with the American electorate for daring to point out that Trump is a buffoon and a grifter of the highest order who has absolutely no business being allowed to come anywhere near the Oval Office.

During an appearance on this Sunday's Meet the Press, and after lots of spin and doublespeak defending his Trump's comments that Brexit is somehow good for the United States, here's Paul Manafort's response when host Chuck Todd asked him about Clinton's latest ad:

TODD: It obviously picked up on what was a head scratching event earlier this week Mr. Manafort, which is on the day of the biggest news event in the world, he is in the country at the heart of this, and he's promoting a golf course.

MANAFORT: This is an example again of the tone deafness of the Clinton campaign. First of all, when you look at what was happening in the Clinton campaign over the last month, they have spent $60 million against Donald Trump on ads like this, talking about things that are totally distracting, a distraction and unconnected to what's going on in the American political system.

The American people care about what is going to happen to their lives. About change and on the issue of Brexit, this kind of phoney ad doesn't address those things, and Hillary Clinton is ignoring the reality because she's part of the establishment.

She can't get away from the fact that she is part of the problem that's being rejected. So when she tries to distract with commercials like this, she's once again shown that she is absolutely afraid of the consequences of what Brexit represented and the Trump phenomenon in the primaries represented, which is historic numbers of people voting for change against the establishment.

TODD: So why was it appropriate for Mr. Trump to be promoting a golf course on the day of frankly, what could be the most impactful decision that a country has made, that impacts, you know, the global community in a way that we're not fully comprehending yet, and he's promoting a golf course in the middle of his campaign?

MANAFORT: First of all, Trump is an international businessman. His success is as an international businessman and a person who gets things done is going to be an attraction to his candidacy, so that when he says he's going to bring real change to the country, voters believe him, unlike Mrs. Clinton who has been saying that for twenty five years, and in twenty five years, the only changes that have happened have made people's lives worse.


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