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For CNN, 67-16 Is An Even Split. Both Sides!

But don't you dare misquote the poll numbers!

There are two things about the above video I don't have to explain to you.

1. Corey Lewandowski is a Trump tool who will say the biggest lies to promote his candidate.

2. CNN is also a tool for hiring Lewandowski to represent the conservative "side" of any argument regarding the election.

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to focus on the first thirty seconds of this clip. CNN's New Day substitute co-host Poppy Harlow frames the conversation about poll numbers from...wait for it...Quinnipiac.

If you have any familiarity with different poll companies you realize that Quinnipiac polls nearly always tilt right.

Okay Rasumussen is pretty bad, too.

But Quinnipiac makes it art. Anytime you see Trump within 5 points of Hillary from now on, close your eyes and say "Quinnipiac." You'll fool your friends with your "psychic" ability!

Okay so Poppy Harlow quotes this Quinnipiac poll and says:

So let me pose this question to you, and that's the dissatisfaction many Americans have, with both candidates, when it comes to the level of hatred and rhetoric and prejudice that we're seeing in the United States. The Quinnipiac poll came out, shows 61 percent of the electorate right now, feels, that this election as a whole, on both sides, has increased the hate and prejudice in this country.

Then they show this:


And that, my friends, is the story. One side is 67% and one is 16% and they are equally tearing the country apart.

The Beltway Media and especially CNN at this sad moment in history cannot let you think that ONE candidate is pushing hate and prejudice, even when the polls that they are quoting to the audience say that. Because it isn't that both sides think Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are EQUALLY divisive and prejudicial. It's that both Democrats and Republicans clearly think that Donald Trump is the divisive racist one. Except for 16 percent of dead ender nutjobs. The ones that Quinnipiac calls most.

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But this has to be a horse race until November. So we will have this both siderist nonsense about how divisive BOTH Clinton and Trump are even though the American people (tm) don't think that.

By the way, that's why they have Corey Lewandowski on there. Because when the poll numbers say something that doesn't fit the both sider narrative, you can count on Corey to make the conversation about how Trump is 'going to win' with Hispanics. And then the rest of the panel can have a cow about that instead of about whether or not Hillary Clinton might win Arizona.

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