Disgraced former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wants Hillary Clinton to debate his fellow grifter and former presidential candidate, Ben Carson, and Fox's favorite race-baiting black sheriff, David Clarke on racism.
September 11, 2016

Disgraced former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wants Hillary Clinton to debate his fellow grifter and former presidential candidate, Ben Carson, and Fox's favorite race-baiting black sheriff, David Clarke on racism.

Gingrich has a long history of race-baiting himself, so he's the last person the Clinton campaign needs to be getting any advice from on how they should be talking to voters, but that didn't stop him from giving it during a discussion about her "basket of deplorables" statement on this weekend's Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: Speaker Gingrich, as the congressman mentioned, Hillary Clinton released a statement yesterday trying to clean this up. She says this. "Last night I was, quote, ‘grossly generalistic," and that’s never a good idea. I regret saying ‘half’ -- that was wrong." Does that make it any better?

NEWT GINGRICH: No. Hillary’s beginning to fall apart. I mean she comes out of a terrible national security debate where everybody -- where she lost so badly that the left had to attack Matt Lauer because they couldn’t accept Hillary did that badly. She then says ISIS is praying for Trump to win. She then turns with this grotesque statement, which -- which any reasonable person -- I mean Romney got hammered for talking about 47 percent who dependent on government. She just made a statement in which she lumped together millions of Americans. She can go back and try to clean it up. That was, I think a deliberate statement on her part. She wants to pick a fight. Well, fine, let's get Sheriff Clark, who’s an African-American sheriff in Milwaukee, who’s for Trump, he can debate her on racism. Let's get Ben Carson, who’s an African-American candidate, he can debate her on racism. The left has for years used vicious language to block serious discussion of their policy failures in the inner city. This is more of the same.

WALLACE: Congressman Becerra, just looking at the record, she has made this comment, not necessarily said half, but talked about Trump supporters being this basket of deplorables. It's a line she's used repeatedly.

BECERRA: David Duke, he's deplorable. The white supremacists who go -- go out and say that they are supporting Donald Trump, they're deplorable. The people who agree that anyone based on their religion should not be allowed to -- to come to this country, they’re deplorable. I think what she is saying, a lot of us -- my father could not walk into a restaurant when he was a young man because of the signs that said "no dogs or Mexicans allowed. He was a U.S. citizen. He's not a hater, though, of this country. He loves this country. And what we have to understand is that we should not have people who be -- who get elected to office based on campaigning on anger and hate. And -- and, Newt, accept that fact that she said, I regret those remarks.

GINGRICH: OK. Yes, but -- but --

BECERRA: At least she's willing to say that. Donald Trump can’t utter those words.

GINGRICH: But -- but -- but --

WALLACE: All right, let -- let -- let -- let the speaker talk about then we’ll move on.

GINGRICH: But let me say direct -- Donald Trump has repeatedly, explicitly repudiated David Duke. Now, that's a fact. I mean Donald Trump has issued statement after statement. He has been on television saying this. So this idea that Donald Trump somehow is secretly courting people, that's wrong. Trump goes to a black church in Detroit to talk about the failure of Democratic Party politics -- policies in the inner city. Now let's have a debate about the failure of the Democratic Party in the inner city, which, of course, leads then to yelling racist because if they can't smear Trump, they’re going to lose a lot of votes.

Which is ridiculous of course, because those voters are exactly who Trump is courting. And Trump's so-called repudiation was insincere at best as Dave Neiwert discussed here: Trump's Dance Around The Racism, Violence Drawn To His Campaign Appears To Encourage It

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