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Conway's Pathetic Defense Of Trump 'He Told Me He Didn't Support Iraq War, So There'

Apparently when Trump said he was against the Iraq, that's not when he meant and if he was a Senator, he would have voted against it. How does Conway know? Trump told her so.

In the category of 'you can't make this up" and "the jokes write themselves," Trump's campaign manager tried to deflect her boss's denials of supporting the Iraq war when he clearly did by claiming he was a "private citizen who was against the Iraq war."

A flabbergasted Charlie Rose responded, saying, “You heard him with Howard Stern say “yeah, I guess so.’”

Conway said. “Had he been in the United States Senate, he would have cast a vote against the Iraq war.”

Rose quickly pushed back - asking “How do we know that?”

Conway replied: “Because he said so.”

So there you have it. Even though Trump said he was for the Iraq war, Conway refutes it and then says if Trump were in Congress he wouldn't have voted for it just because.

And then Kellyanne tried to use President Obama to defend Trump by saying, "The same thing Sen. Obama said he wouldn't have done in 2008 and everybody just took him at his word."

Barack Obama never made public comments supporting the Iraq war, Kellyanne. And that's why you can't use him as a defense witness.

Charlie didn't back down and said, "[Trump] constantly says 'I was always against the war,' here he says 'I guess I would support it. That's a contradiction."

Conway laughingly said, "Not really, Charlie."

Kellyanne never responded to his question and attacked Hillary Clinton.

Rose shot back, "This is not about Hillary Clinton, this is about Donald Trump. She has acknowledged that vote - it was a mistake. He has not and wants to have it both ways."

Conway then flips Rose's comment around and said Trump agrees with HRC that it was a mistake.

Was Conway a gymnast in a past life? She certainly can perform daring feats of word agility while lying for her boss..

Rose said, "why can't he simply say, at one point I was and then I changed my mind."

Conway then lied and said Trump made “other public statements...contemporaneously with that, including the Esquire magazine interview where he gives a much longer answer” about not backing the war.

As CBS pointed out, "The Esquire magazine interview, however, was published in August of 2004, long after the war began in March of 2003."

Conway's former boss, Sen. Ted Cruz was very good at deflecting and rewriting other people's words on the spot too.

She learned to play a damn good word pretzel game of obfuscation. But her appearances are cringe worthy for their untruthfulness. Being a "smooth liar" is still a liar.

And let's not forget how Conway described Donald Trump previously.

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