November 13, 2016

Dog whistles a plenty this morning, on Fox and Friends Weekend. The usual Anna Kooiman replaced by Abby Huntsman who has veered sharply right since she left MSNBC and came to Fox 'News,' where she seems quite at home. They discussed the unusual moons that 2016 has brought us, which may have evoked some Biblical predictions of the apocalypse in your mind too. After the small talk, it was time to demonize Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights and to dwell on one city and one incident which had violence.

The issue at hand is the #NotMyPresident demonstrations that are nation-wide, which they refer to as LAWLESSNESS, the same way they described Black Lives Matter protests, coincidentally. The Teabaggers protesting the first African-American President were patriots, these are anarchists who don't love this country. They've made that distinction perfectly clear to their viewers, so they can assert pretty much whatever they want henceforth.

Who is to blame for putting this well-organized nationwide protest together? Clayton Morris has an idea. After categorizing it as a violent, chaotic mess of Liberal tantrum-throwing, all unjustified, the fear-mongering was all Fox 'News.'

More cities nationwide, more protests, more things being looted, smashed, grabbed. And now it seems that we have some idea of how these protests are coming, they are not spontaneous..

Morris tosses to the axe-tosser, Pete Hegseth and he keeps the viewers' suspicions aroused..

These are not spontaneous, I mean we know International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now To Stop War and End Racism) it's not even a leftist group, it's an ANARCHIST group (it is?).started by the Marxist-Leninist party, it's an Anti-American group.

The group is actually anti-Zionist and demonstrates (peacefully) on behalf of the Palestinians. The group is not at all anti-American. It has its routes in the World Workers Party, and the Right is put off by their objection to Israel's seizure of Palestinian land. That is not all they do, they objected the dreadful Iraq invasion and now that Trump is in charge, we are going to pretend that the GOP hasn't disavowed Bush and his illegal wars. People have very short memories, especially the zombies who watch this program.

Next, the pouty-lip designated female does her job by throwing out the names of the usual right-wing, super-villains, which include Michael Moore, Al Sharpton and the anti-semitic George Soros (*sarcasm) But wait, it gets worse! Michael Moore was seen walking into Trump Tower, so everyone, clutch your pearls.

There's no doubt that Teabagger Birthers were trying to de-legitimize President Obama before his inauguration. Since he decisively won twice, they went after his citizenship, spearheaded by Donald Trump, with some of the most racist and appalling memes. You know, the ones our right-wing friends seem to think we want to see on social media.

No one can deny they employed a strategy that divided this country, and they shut the government down many times to simply obstruct and damage one of the best Presidents the U.S. has ever known. Yet, somehow, Pete Hegseth completely misses the irony here, as evidenced by this statement:

I think the goal of these protesters is to try to make Trump illegitimate from the beginning. They know they're not going to get him out of office, they just want to keep protesting, keep the contention up, keep the division up. Because division benefits them, unity benefits trump and our country.

In case you just ate something, beware the next gag-inducing dig from the guy on the right side of the couch. Clayton Morris claimed that Trump called for unity while President Obama golfed. As if that's all he does.

I'm sure the number of vacation days that this next president will take may make Reagan and Bush 43's high number of absences on the job seem like slavery by comparison.

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