And Anderson Cooper tells her his job isn't to have a good relationship with her. (Because you don't lie in a 'relationship,' Kellyanne!)
January 12, 2017

We know you hate Kellyanne Conway videos, but this one is good. Promise.

As you know by now, the Trump team and CNN are in a war right now over the reporting done this week about, well, let's just say it, golden showers-gate. The golden showers part of it has largely been debunked, but we still are pretty sure the Russians have something on our soon to be President. And that's the point and we at C&L will not get distracted by all your admittedly terrific Goldwater Republican jokes.

Yes, we at C&L figure, with no evidence sure but who is responsible for that? (tax returns, hellooo!) -- that Putin and his mob buddies bailed Trump out of his fourth bankruptcy and that he'd better give them Crimea and fuggedabout the dead anti-Putin journalists who never actually happened or we might have to call your loan, Mister Trump.

Prove us wrong, Kellyanne Conway!

CNN has been very careful, extremely careful, not to use the terms "Russian hookers," "golden showers," or "soiled mattress" in their coverage of the story. As far as they are concerned, the farthest they will go is to say there were two pieces of paper attached to a briefing that Trump may or may not have attended or been awake during. And there were unmentionable terms on those papers which were dumped by Buzzfeed but we won't link to Buzzfeed because integrity, dammit!

Which, by the way, Kellyanne Conway does not possess and has never had. Watch how she continually pretends that Buzzfeed and CNN are the same organization.

Three takeaways from the above clip:

1. Kellyanne Conway wants Donald Trump to get a Nobel. Otherwise, Unfair!

CONWAY: I took a peek at what the headlines about President-elect Obama were eight years ago. Whew! Talk about the world's biggest disconnect. It was how 'should President-elect Obama go to Oslo now and pick up his Nobel Peace Prize or wait until after he's sworn in?' We get nothing like that. We get no respect or forbearance. This man is President of the United States!

Anderson Cooper points out all the birtherism that Trump promoted against Obama throughout both terms and all of a sudden Kellyanne doesn't want to talk about "the past." No really.

2. Conway thinks journalists who didn't like Trump during the campaign should be fired now. Anderson Cooper gets what being a journalist actually is.

CONWAY: If a business doesn't do well some year, they usually clean house and get rid of the people who embarrass them....How are we going to move forward and have a relationship with news organizations if everything stays and looks the same?

COOPER: My job is not to have a great relationship with you. I like you personally. and I respect you and anybody who is in the public arena....but the job of the press is not to be buddy buddies and hang out socially.

CONWAY: How about be fair?

COOPER: I agree. fair and accurate. (CROSSTALK) I've never wanted to hang out. ...I don't go to the White House Correspondent's Dinner. I went once, never again.. I don't want to hang out socially with these people. That's not my job.

3. After the interview, Anderson Cooper simply proves with facts that Kellyanne Conway is, once again, a liar.

COOPER: Throughout the interview you heard Kelleyanne Conway repeatedly claim CNN linked the Buzzfeed story that the Trump team and others are taking exception with. The Buzzfeed story, which we have not reported the details on. You also heard me say repeatedly that is not true. About 20 minutes after that interview before we went on air, she, Kelleyanne Conway, tweeted this screenshot of our reporting and what she claims again is a link to Buzzfeed in that article. Just as a matter of the fact, as facts do matter, it is not a link to Buzzfeed.

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