February 14, 2017

During today's White House press briefing, Sean Spicer explained just how tough the Trump administration has been on Russia.

CNN's Jim Acosta, who deserves applause for not laughing, followed up: "It seems to a lot of Americans, it seems this president has not been tough on Russia, how can you say that?"

Send Jim Acosta a fruit basket!

Press Secretary Spicer began his presser by laying out the Trump-approved alternative facts about the Flynn resignation, and then threw out this whopper: "The irony of this situation is that the president has been incredibly tough on Russia."

This brought out groans of incredulity across America, Twitter and the press corp.

It took almost thirty minutes before CNN's Jim Acosta was allowed to ask a question and he said, "You said early in your comments that the president has been incredibly tough on Russia. How is that possible?"

Acosta continued, "He has made comment after comment over the course of the campaign, the transition, where he defended Vladimir Putin, he had an interview with Bill O'Reilly, where he was asked, Vladimir Putin is a killer and he said, well, America hasn't been that much better in this regard."

"It seems to a lot of Americans, it seems this president has not been tough on Russia, how can you say that?"

Spicer repeated their weird talking points about how awesome it would be if Trump got along with Putin since Obama failed at it.

Seriously, it's about doing better than Obama at sucking up to Putin? You win at that Donald, no question.

He said, "I just walked through it. There is a difference between the president wanting to have and an understanding of how a good relationship with Russia can help us defeat ISIS and terrorism throughout the world."

Russia is helping Assad and not fighting ISIS in Syria, Spicey! But neither your base nor your president knows that, so you're good?

Warning to the press corp: The fake news is coming from inside the White House.

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