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John McCain: Rand Paul Is 'Now Working For Putin'

After Rand Paul objected to allowing Montenegro into NATO, Sen. McCain went off.

About an hour ago, Senator John McCain called for a vote to allow Montenegro into NATO, mostly due to the fact that they are under attack by Russia and could really use some NATO alliances and protections right about now.

Just as he was done with his unanimous consent resolution, Senator Rand Paul came to the floor of the Senate and objected, without explanation. He then turned around and left after uttering the two words, "I object."

Who knows why he objected? Perhaps it's a pressure play for something else on his agenda. No one knows because he didn't explain. And that infuriated John McCain.

"I note the senator from Kentucky leaving the floor without justification or any rationale for the action he has just taken," McCain fumed.

He went on. "That a senator blocking a treaty that is supported by the overwhelming number, perhaps 98 at least of his colleagues would come to the floor and object and walk away. And walk away!"

'He has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians," McCain argued. "So I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin."

Mitch McConnell did not Rule 19 him.

Update: Rand Paul claims it's "because of our $20 trillion debt." Sure, it is.

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