Mike Pence isn't interested in finding out what the Russians did to our election cycle, but he is really concerned about Susan Rice.
April 5, 2017

The Vice President made the case for the Trump administration that nothing in all the world is more important than investigating Susan Rice's unverified or corroborated 'unmasking' in the NSA.

Pence was interviewed by Fox News' Martha MacCallum's The First 100 Days program and asked the vice president if Susan Rice should testify amid unverified reports that she unmasked Trump officials.

Pence said, “Well I think the American people have a right to know what was going on. And we have every confidence that intelligence committees in the House and the Senate will get to the bottom of all of these allegations."

“But I would say the American people have a right to know if there was surveillance of any private citizen in this country,” he said.

“And the identity of those citizens was revealed, people ought to have the right to know why. And the fact that it involved out campaign and our transition should be deeply troubling to anyone cherishes civil liberties in this country.”

Even though seventeen of our intelligence agencies have agreed that Russia took drastic measures to undermine our election process, you've created another imaginary "Susan Rice probe" to distract, just like you and your ilk did when you were lying about Benghazi.

Do you know what's deeply troubling to the nation, Mr. VP? (Hint: It's not an unverified rumor started from a conspiracy theorist.)

Americans want to know exactly what activities the Russians took to undermine the most important tool to the greatest democratically elected government in the world.

Americans want to know if any U.S. citizens and politicians from the Trump campaign were used in coordination with those illegal activities from a hostile foreign government.

The American people would like to see Trump's tax returns.

Americans want to know what he's hiding.

Americans want to know the extent of the so-called president's business dealings with Russians.

These questions are much more important than your Susan Rice scapegoating, but go ahead.

Keep listening to Alex Jones' lunatic ravings.

Keep reading Cernovich's insanity.

Keeping using Fox and Friends as your policy advisers.

And keep using Judge Napolitano's "secret sources."

Just don't pretend when Trump is forced out of office that you were above it all. We see you, right now, participating in the cover-up of Trump's crimes.

That is all.

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