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Trump Throws Tantrum, Cancels Trip To Masada For An Insane Reason

Spoiled toddler President refuses to go to Masada because they won't let him land his helicopter on top.
Trump Throws Tantrum, Cancels Trip To Masada For An Insane Reason

Donald Trump is about to embark on an epic 8 day, bazillion country trip (ok, I don't know how many countries, but it is a few). He really doesn't want to go, though. So what is he doing? Whining. Like a toddler being forced to eat a vegetable he doesn't like or having to go to bed at an early time. He is throwing tantrums.

This one involves his fancy helicopter. He is demanding to be allowed to land it on top of Masada, the historic site in southern Israel overlooking the Dead Sea where ancient fortresses, one of the oldest synagogues and historic palaces have been unearthed. This site is massive, beautiful and one of the most breathtaking sites in all of Israel, both for what you can see on Masada and the views from the mountain itself.

Your author actually visited Masada as a child and walked on the winding pathway up the mountain. It is about a half-hour walk, beautiful, but requiring decent health.

Trump could never make it.

Luckily, there are cable cars to take you straight up, which is helpful if you are 70, eat fast food, reject exercise and have orange-toned skin that reflects awful health.

Trump didn't want to ride in the cable car. He hates being with common folks. Nope, he wants to land his giant helicopter ON TOP of the historic site. You know, because most insanely old sites come with enough space for a helipad. Duh.

Israel wasn't having it. Because it was an insane request. I don't care how much Bibi likes Trump. This wasn't going to happen. So what did Donnie do? He cancelled his speech. Because he is a whiny baby.

Instead, he will be giving his speech at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

As an Israeli, I just want to thank him. The thought of his orange, slimy, perverse stench contaminating a historic site such as Masada would be a travesty. He is a horrific person with no concept of respect for other cultures, no appreciation for history or the understanding of what being Israeli means.

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