Scarborough To Trump: 'You Have No Humanity' For Attacking John MacCain Struggling For His Life

This morning, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped Trump and his supporters for attacking the character of John McCain, who's suffering from brain cancer and who didn't use daddy's name to dodge the Vietnam draft and chase fashion models.

The Morning Joe crew were talking healthcare when the treatment of John McCain by Trump and his base came up. Mika said that Trump bashed McCain during a radio interview to promote Luther Strange. Trump said, :"What McCain has done is a tremendous slap in the face of the Republican party. That's the only reason we don't have it is because of John McCain."

Joe said, "You have a man who is struggling for his life, may not have much longer, and you have a president of the United States."

Mika: "Who's not okay."

"That is using him as a punch line. That's Ann Coulter material."

He is attacking John McCain who is fighting for his very life in a terrible, terrible struggle, right now."

Mike Barnicle said Trump has very little grasp on Congress and the presidency.

"You have no humanity, a man who's dying and you're using him for political punch lines on talk radio," the MSNBC host said.

Scarborough continued, "And by the way, for people watching at home, if McCain is getting attacked and he's fighting for his life, unless you were raised in a barn, keep your mouths shut. All right. Show a little respect. Show a little dignitary. Show a little class."

Halperin said this "shows the extent of the nature of the party now."

Scarborough was livid throughout and ended with a long monologue highlighted by this:

"You should tell the story of John McCain to your children. A man who served his country in uniform when he could have done what Donald Trump did. He could have avoided the draft. His father was one of the most powerful men in America. He could have stayed home like Donald Trump and he could have chased models."

Growing up in Queens, that's the Donald Trump all my friends laughed out in the school yards on the basketball courts.

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And yes, we still hold the entire Morning Joe apparatus responsible for normalizing and promoting Trump for an entire year during the Presidential campaign, for ratings and possibly Trump's silence about your personal relationship, Joe and Mika.

You built this, Morning Joe.


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