October 13, 2017

White House lawn press conferences are the new daily briefing, if you haven't noticed. This is because it gives Trump a chance to look "presidential" while shouting over the din of helicopter rotors so viewers can't actually hear questions, only answers.

In today's helicopter briefing, Trump was asked three times about his efforts to gut the Affordable Care Act by permitting subprime health insurance "association" plans by executive order while gutting deductible and co-payment assistance for working people.

His answers were different, and not different. He seemed to be taking his Trumpcare sales pitches for a test drive with helicopter noise disguising the obvious lies wherever possible.

There are three different clips mashed into one in the video above.

In response to a question on refusing to pay to reduce deductibles and co-payments for working class people, Trump said, "That money is a subsidy for insurance companies."

It's not. It reduces, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, the total deductible and out of pocket for copayments for people whose income is just barely over Medicaid level. And no, it couldn't be paid as a reimbursement to those people because that assumes they can come up with the deductibles in the first place.

Keep in mind all the feigned concern for people "hurting" because of the "high deductibles and co-pays." Remember them? Yeah. Well, CSRs actually relieve that burden, and Trump just killed them. Who better to turn his base's ire to than insurers, right?

He had more to say, this time about the evil insurers. I mean, we can talk about their role in things, yes, but in this particular instance the funds went directly from the government straight to the benefit of people. And yet, he said this:

Take a look at the stocks, look where they are. They're going through the roof. From past, I don't know about today, but the insurance companies made a fortune. That money was a subsidy and almost you could say a payoff to insurance companies, and what we have to do is come up with great health care.

Oh, here we go with the great healthcare BS, as if you can cut funding to something and magically turn it into something better. And then he sells Trumpcare as something just great for people.

That's what I did partially yesterday. That's going to cover a big segment. Now for the rest, we have to come up with whether it's going to be block grants or something else. We just about have the votes. Now, if the Democrats were smart, what they do is come and negotiate something where people could really get the kind of health care that they deserve being citizens of our great country.

Yeah, I'll just call that BS, but it's a talking point we're going to hear over and over. I wonder how long it took his handlers to get that one memorized.

In clip two, he expands on his Trumpcare executive order talking point. Again, the question is inaudible, but he's right there hawking his snake oil Trumpcare plan, regardless of what it was.

No, because I think what we'll do is we'll be able to renegotiate so that everybody gets --

We just took care of a big chunk and now we'll take care of the other chunk.

Presumably, the "other chunk" is Medicaid recipients. The first "big chunk" refers to the opening of true junk plans, which cover nothing, pay nothing, but take a chunk of people's income out of their pockets for...nothing.

Okay, here's the "Democrats are the problem" talking point. He finally remembered it.

What would be nice if the democratic leaders could come over to the white house, we'll negotiate some deal good for everybody. That's what I'd like. They're always a block vote against everything. They're like obstructionists. If they came over, maybe we could make a deal.

Aaaaand, we go back to insurance companies.

But the subsidy is really a subsidy for the insurance company. That's not going to people. That's making insurance companies rich.

Trump really wants his base to know he's not screwing them, even though they're going to feel really screwed, really fast. He's great at blaming everyone else for his own evil deeds.

Finally! A question that sort of has an audible and understandable quality to it.

Is that a way to put pressure on democrats to say, look, come to the table and negotiate with us?

Aaaand, we're back to chunks, this time it would appear to be insurers who are the "they" losing chunks.

They've already lost a big chunk. As you know, that's a big chunk. It's very popular. You will have millions and millions of people sign up under that.

If I could translate here I believe he is referring to insureds and state exchanges. The popular thing he refers to "millions and millions" signing up for is the subprime junk plans. I looked at a few of them which exist but are out of compliance with the ACA essential benefits requirements. They're what you'd expect: Cheap, covering nothing.

And again, he invites Democrats to grovel before His Highness.

I will say this, John. I will say that the Democrats should come to me, I would even go to them because I'm only interested in one thing, getting great health care for this country.


Also, Trump base voters, in case you missed it, the CSR action your guy took that will make you poorer than you were yesterday is because INSURERS ARE NOT FOR DONALD TRUMP.

Got it, Trump voters? Insurers are the enemy. So what if Trump just grabbed $100 bucks or so a month right out of your wallet! Look over THERE!

As far as the subsidy is concerned, I don't want to make the insurance companies rich. If you look at their stock price over the last number of years, take a look at what's happened with those insurance companies. They're making a fortune by getting that kind of money.

Again, I repeat: This was a dollar for dollar reduction of costs working people would otherwise have to pay. There was no profit for insurers in it.


The CSR payments, if you take a look at CSR payments, that money is going to insurance companies to prop up insurance companies. That money is going to insurance companies to lift up their stock price. That's not what i'm about. Take a look at who those insurance companies support and I guarantee you one thing, it's not Donald Trump.

And this is the crux of it. It's ALWAYS the crux of it. It's always about Donald Trump.

But in case you missed it, Donald Trump wants you to know it's those evil insurers he's protecting you fools from. Remember that when you're ponying up an extra $100/month or so for insurance and co-pays.

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