You can give five bucks to Crooks and Liars to keep fighting Republicanism, or you can spend 20000 times that to eat chicken with Donald Trump. Your choice.
December 8, 2017


It's a tale of two fundraisers.

One charged $100,000 a plate for the privilege of eating chicken and asparagus and listening to Donald Trump for 20 minutes. The money went to....what exactly? Legal defense? 2020 failed re-election bid? New dentures? Wapo:

In New York last weekend, $100,000 got donors a plate of grilled chicken and asparagus, a posed picture with President Trump in a palatial, 60-foot-long entryway, and a 20-minute group chat with the president.

When Trump returned to his home city, he zipped up Park Avenue to huddle with a number of former business associates and friends at the triplex of Blackstone chief executive Stephen Schwarzman. About two dozen of them paid $100,000 each to hear Trump talk for about 20 minutes — or about $5,000 a minute.

Word is he talked at length about tax cuts. Because what else were they paying for?


Another fundraiser, the one supporting the blog you know and love, will pay for video server space about which Donald Trump has zero say. He can't tell us to delete, edit, or lie about his record and what he actually said. We're saving that video footage, every single day, to help document the atrocity that is his so-called presidency.

And we will never, ever, ever, make you eat catered chicken and asparagus. Or flatter you with talk of how awesome your tax cuts will be. Or explode the deficit and take away your Medicare. Or embarrass you by lying to your face. Like the so-called president did to the donors who forked over $100,000 A PIECE for the privilege of hearing Donald Trump lie for 20 minutes.

Here at Crooks and Liars, you can hear Donald Trump lie for free! Any time, any day, 24/7/365.

But seriously, documenting what is happening to OUR democracy? Costs us real money, and we need your help to pay for the server space to house that archive.

We're asking for five bucks a month (cheaper than Netflix, even!) to keep us going...

If you have more to give, that would be great, too!

But we're still not giving you catered chicken and asparagus.


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