February 26, 2018

It is a kind of sad, sick commentary on the times we live in that Brian Stelter can do a segment on political division, conspiracy theories and incendiary rhetoric with Glenn Beck at his side to do sad-sack commentary about how "both sides" are responsible for it.

That's right. Glenn Beck, founder and proprietor of conservative website The Blaze, whose front page looks like this right now:


Scroll through that front page and you'll find the Blaze TV schedule for today, which includes a listing for "Ammo and Attitude" at 2:30. Glenn Beck is probably the last man on the planet who should be scolding anyone for promoting conspiracy theories or one-sided attitudes toward their politics.

When Brian Stelter asked Sage Bearded Lizard Beck how to best solve the problem of division, Beck invoked Martin Luther King without short-circuiting and melting down on the spot. Clearly he has polished his carnival barking. from the olden days at Fox News.

"The best way to do it is to read Martin Luther King," Beck opined. "He talked about reconciliation and not winning and both sides are just trying to win."

He continued, "I tried to win for a long time...we need to start looking to reconciliation. Winners creates losers and with everybody trying to just win and be right we stop listening to each other and we come to a place where we think the other side doesn't have anything to teach me so I'm not even going to listen to them."

Brian Stelter summed it up as both sides thinking the other side was acting in bad faith, as if somehow all of the bad faith moments Glenn Beck has dished out to Fox News and Blaze TV viewers are just erased and never happened.

What has that man been smoking? I did a search on our extensive Glenn Beck archives, and found so many "bad faith" moments it would be impossible to even list them all, but here are a few examples:

If that isn't enough, do feel free to browse our extensive but still incomplete archives for more Glenn Beck conspiracy madness. There are hundreds and hundreds of posts and videos. In 2009, Dave Neiwert wrote a post nearly every day about the madness he was spouting to keep the hard right "Tea Party" Republicans angry and motivated. Every damn day, Brian! Our archives are of course open to you, too.

For his part, Beck just put on his Sage Bearded Lizard costume back on and continued to fear monger, a trait he has honed to an art form.

"I'm a student of history and you can look to the 1960s for answers and you can look to the 1920s and 30s for the problems. And we are currently deeply probably 1926, 1928 Weimar Republic," said The Bearded Sage Lizard.

This is some serious Orwell happening right here as he continues to explain that one newspaper was spouting the Nazi viewpoint and the other was spouting the communist viewpoint and no one would read the other paper because they were divided and angry.

As if Glenn Sage Bearded Lizard Beck did not have anything to do with the divide and ignorance that defines the right wing politics in this country! As if he does not have anything to do with it RIGHT NOW, this day in history, a day where he's about to put a show on his network called "Ammo and Attitude," barely a week after 17 people lost their lives in yet another mass shooting!

Glenn Sage Bearded Lizard Beck has advice, too! "We have to start looking to -- to heal. We have to start looking at ourselves and saying what role have I played?"

(Speaking strictly for me, Glenn, my role has been to debunk the lies you and your pals tell in furtherance of the agendas of gun manufacturers and other authoritarians looking to profit from a nation's fear -- fear YOU stoke.)

And a confession: "You know, it will take a long time because there are people -- there are people that are watching you right now that hate my guts and think that i'm the man that they thought I was in 2008. As you know, I have been preaching something very different for a very long time."

Not so much. Forget 2008. How about 2014? How about 2015? Or 2016? By 2017, he was too irrelevant to follow, but I see no evidence he has changed. He's just grown a beard and learned to sell his poison without shouting as much.

On the question of conspiracy theories, Sage Bearded Lizard Beck pronounces them "a left and right kind of thing," citing a 2006 Scripps Howard poll where some people who called themselves Democrats were also 9-11 truthers, hardly representative of any kind of mainstream liberal. (We banned people on this site who came here trying to spread that rot, by the way.)

In what might be the ultimate slap at Lady Irony, Sage Bearded Lizard wrapped up his claims by blaming...Alex Jones. As if he had absolutely nothing to do with conspiracy theories and a lack of critical thinking being a thing.

Finally, social media is the root of this terrible divided evil present we live in, according to Beck.

"If you look at where the average Democrat was and the average Republican, if you look at the charts it's pretty much like this until 2006, the first year of Facebook, and we started moving apart and we are now here. We are vastly two different countries."

HUH! We started moving apart because Facebook reconnected us with our family and friends on an ongoing basis? I have some serious problems with Facebook and Twitter, but until around 2010, they weren't particularly influential with regard to political thinking. No, the influences came from the venom spewed by carnival barkers like Glenn Beck and Jeanine Pirro on Fox News, who spent every minute they had on the air making sure people were fooled, afraid, and looking for the apocalypse.

You can look and look and look, but you simply will not find anything close to equivalence from MSNBC or CNN or even liberal sites like ours.

This is not a "both sides" problem. This is a systemic problem which is the direct result of Fox News mixing fear and extremism on an hourly basis to serve a steady diet of poisonous venom to viewers. We are now observing the product of 20+ years of that diet.

Brian Stelter, don't put Sage Bearded Lizard on the air to lie to us. It isn't helpful and certainly doesn't bridge the divide.

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