After Punishing Delta Over NRA, GA Lt. Gov. Runs To Fox News


If Georgia's Lt. Governor (and gubernatorial candidate) Casey Cagle thought he’d get softballs after taking away Delta Airlines’ tax break after it cut ties with the NRA, just because he's a Republican, he probably got a rude awakening on Fox News' Cavuto Live this Saturday.

As host Neil Cavuto explained, Cagle “led this charge” to take away Delta’s tax break. Cavuto’s first question, “Are you trying to bully him?” (meaning the head of Delta).

Cagle tried to downplay the retaliation. “They did not have a tax cut.,” he said. “They were asking for a jet fuel exemption that would move to zero on paying any tax on jet fuel. That was in the context of a larger tax bill that were we moving.”

Cavuto interrupted “I understand that, but you were taking it away from them because of this NRA stance, right?”

“No, Neil they didn’t have the tax cut,” Cagle said.

“I understand that sir,” Cavuto said. “I’m just saying that they wanted it, they didn’t get it because of its position on the NRA correct?”

Finally, Cagle conceded that was correct.

Cavuto kept pressing.”Is that right to do? Others say it’s a slippery slope and you’re going to chase them right out of your state, and if the governor of this state, New York, where I am now, has his way, he’ll try to woo them here.”

Cagle tried to brush that off by saying that the business climate is so good in Georgia that Delta will remain for financial reasons. Delta is “in a wonderful position to continue making record profits,” he insisted.

The problem, according to Cagle, was that Georgia was “giving a special tax cut to Delta, and then when they weighed in on the boycott, that really was, obviously, I think, the issue that came to the forefront, and honestly, conservatives are getting tired of being kicked around and I’m one of those.”

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In other words, Georgia was rescinding its tax break for political reasons. However, he also claimed, “I do not think that we’re punishing Delta or any other company.” But he also called Delta’s move “wrong” because “that flies in the face of conservative values that we believe in.”

“Let me be very clear Delta is part of our family in Georgia and so I have had a long, long record of supporting and helping Delta,” Cagle continued. “But corporations need to be focused more at their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders.”

Cavuto didn’t buy it. He said Cagle’s actions look like the “strongarm of the state government” going after corporations “if they don’t toe the line, right?”

Later, Cavuto asked, “If they were to leave, how would you feel?”

“They’re not going to leave,” Cagle claimed.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, other states are wooing Delta’s headquarters.

Watch Cavuto give Cagle a good talking to above, from the March 3, 2018 Cavuto Live.

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