April 24, 2018

Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz wrongly defended Kellyanne Conway's outburst against CNN's Dana Bash after she asked about her husband's negative Trump tweets.

Donald Trump and his surrogates, including Conway, have never shown a propensity for having any type of boundary they would not cross against their opponents and frequently attacked their rivals, especially in the FBI by using their spouses to discredit their character.

But when Conway was faced with the same type of question, instead of dealing with it in an honest fashion, she turned it into the usual Christian conservative whine of persecution and vowed to take revenge.

Much has been made of Dana Bash's final question on CNN posed to Kellyanne. Instead of handling it like a political veteran which would have required a 30 second answer, it degenerated into a five-minute outburst from Trump's presidential advisor.

On Fox News' American's Newsroom, Kurtz, now a full-fledged Foxer rebuked Bash, calling the interview "cringe-worthy.”

“The question from Dana Bash — who’s a respected reporter — was designed to embarrass Kellyanne Conway, and it was out of bounds,” Kurtz said.

The question was valid on its face since Trump and his acolytes have destroyed every political norm this country has ever had and the idea that Conway's husband vehemently disagreed with Trump is news, especially since his wife is Trump's chief apologist.

And she made her bones in the Republican Party through her husband's connections. George Conway was one of the lawyers that represented Paula Jones against Bill Clinton, who worked with Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter during that time.

In the 1990s, George was a quiet but critical presence in what Hillary Clinton would dub a “vast right-wing conspiracy” — a hotshot young attorney working to undermine President Bill Clinton by offering secret legal aid to his accusers and reportedly funneling salacious details to the Drudge Report.

George Conway is not some innocent bystander or a HS principal, but a seasoned political operator who as the Washington Post recounts in an interesting profile on him, "Back then, George helped sow the chaos," and along with Coulter had a passion for leaking news to the media to undermine any settlement Paula Jones might make.

If Mike Pence's wife began to tweet negative feelings towards Donald Trump, that would be news also.

Kellyanne isn’t a low-level pencil pusher in the Trump administration, but a valued and trusted advisor. It's not comparable then for her to threaten journalists and their families because they do not have a say in the guidance of the country. They are not part of the federal government and to equate the two is just another Trump type of distraction.


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