Chris Cillizza, In Three Tweets, Loses War With Kathy Griffin
June 1, 2018

Bloated talentless pundit Chris Cillizza gets pwned by noted comic and first amendment expert and local hero Kathy Griffin:

And thus we are reminded to look at Cillizza’s past:

Oh, dear. Bit o’ name calling there, Chris. The innernets never forget.

And of course, the treasure trove of defending name-calling (and Comrade Trump) in this infamous—and recent—Cillizza post:

(CNN)We are living in a golden age of political nicknames.

President Donald Trump is the Michael Jordan of name-calling, seemingly upping the ante of what’s possible in the nickname sphere with each passing week.

On Tuesday morning, Trump added another — “Cheatin’ Obama”— in reference to his immediate predecessor in the White House. It’s not clear what exactly where Obama was “cheatin’,” but it doesn’t matter! It’s a nickname! It doesn’t have to make sense!

Where does the latest nickname fit in my definitive rankings of Trump’s nicknames for his political enemies? Good question! Scroll down.

It’s a 17-item listicle presented as Letterman top-10 style count-down list, btw, so totally misses the comic premise. And no where in it does Cillizza ever state that name-calling is bad.

But let’s focus on #4:

4. “Pocahontas”: Offensive? Absolutely. Hard to forget? Also yes. Trump’s nickname for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, has its genesis in her claim that she had Native American heritage — 1/32nd to be exact. The claim became an issue in Warren’s 2012 Senate campaign, but she still easily beat incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown. If Warren runs in 2020 — and she is certainly thinking about it — get ready to hear “Pocahontas” a whole lot more.

So… if I am reading this correctly, Cillizza seems to be saying something like the Pocahontas racism is OK because it is really memorable? Is that how it works, Chris? Ask Roseanne for a comment on that, Mmm-kay?

No, I think what Cillizza’s tweet had more to do with boot-licking the grifters in the White House (access, dontcha know) and defending the First Shady Ivanka from the vulgar commoners, as is always the Villagers first priority. Cillizza’s guffaws at Trump’s name calling calls into question the authenticity of his offended sensibilities that anyone would dare call Ivanka what she so clearly is.

That Sam Bee was utterly correct in her scathing commentary about Ivanka’s trolling of immigrant families being ripped apart by her father’s cruel policy seems to be missing Cillizza’s sharp-as-a-marble commentary.

And again, we sing the praise of Kathy Griffin. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with her more.

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Editorial note: (Frances Langum) Cillizza's big ol' crush on Ivanka is also a factor:

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