Fox Hosts Waste No Time Attacking Michael Cohen After News Of Secret Recordings About Trump And Playboy Model


When news broke today that Michael Cohen, long-time fixer and attorney for Donald Trump, had a secret recording of a discussion about hush money to a Playboy model Trump had had an affair with, Fox’s Outnumbered show went right to work dismissing the news as unimportant and attacking Cohen.

Guest Christopher Bedford of The Daily Caller said “the big problem” is whether Trump used campaign funds to pay off Playboy model Karen McDougal (or any woman) but he doubted that had happened.

He thought a more important questions was whether Trump knew Cohen had recorded him. If so, Bedford wondered, how many more recordings are there between Trump and Cohen?

Cohost Jessica Tarlov, the lone Democrat on the panel, said voters have already accepted Trump’s cheating. “I don’t think that Michael Cohen being a bit of a dirty dealer is also going to shock anyone,” she added.

Cohost Harris Faulkner, a devoted Trumper, murmured “Hmm,” emphatically.

Tarlov went on to speculate that the leak of this news could be a plea by Cohen for a pardon.

Faulkner interrupted to change the subject. She said that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has said no payment was ever made and, therefore, Trump had done nothing wrong.

Bedford announced that that means there’s nothing more to it. He also claimed that nobody would change their vote based on Trump “dating a Playboy model.” But moments later, he said, “It might actually hurt him with suburban women.”

Cohost Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery said, “It does all go back to the economy.” Then, she put Cohen in her sights. “If you can’t trust your cleaner, who can you trust?” She got big laughs.

“What is Michael Cohen’s motivation?” Kennedy continued. She wondered if the tapes might be his own “insurance policy” in case he ever got in “deep yogurt” and would want “a way of flipping on the president.”

Bedford got into the spirit of things. “Who here would actually hire Michael Avenatti or Michael Cohen?” he sneered.

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“If I were rotting in a Turkish prison and perhaps had hours to live, I’d still be going through the Rolodex,” Kennedy said, to more big laughs.

“I’d hire Rudy,” Bedford added.

Um, he might want to rethink that.

Watch Fox start the Trump-friendly damage control above, from the July 20, 2018 Outnumbered.

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