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Rudy Giuliani's Batsh*t CNN Interview: Cohen Is A 'Scumbag'

Rudy Giuliani, after calling Michael Cohen "honest" a few months ago, now calls him a pathological liar and a scumbag.

Rudy Giuliani's TV rampage against Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen is reaching a fevered pitch since now he's calling the Trump fixer a "scumbag" on live television.

Michael Cohen, who bragged he was Trump's fixer had actually worked for Trump since the early 2000s.

That's an awfully long time to not know the character of your friend and personal attorney. How quickly it is in Trump-world that a close confidant can go from being "honorable" to a "scumbag."

Rudy was all over the place in his lengthy interview with Alisyn Camerota, CNN's New Day host, but had plenty of shite to shovel on Cohen.

And he does so very easily. Smearing people is Rudy's only quality that probably attracts Trump.

(Josh Marshall explains how Giuliani may have admitted something important about a meeting before the Russia meeting.)

After Camerota asked how it helps Cohen to say Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting, Rudy replied, "You have to be kidding me?"

"He's the big fish. you don't give up -- what is Cohen going to do, give up a couple of taxi cab drivers and that's going to get him out of jail?"

Telling the world that Trump lied about knowing anything at all about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians isn't a criminal act, in a legal sense, so that wouldn't help Cohen in a plea deal. It just exposes what a liar Trump is, again.

Giuliani then advocated for Paul Manafort, saying the only reason he's locked up in solitary is that Mueller wants to flip him against Trump. Things like witness tampering doesn't faze Rudy at all. In his mind, Manafort isn't a liar.

And the only person that has ruined their credibility is Cohen, and Rudy blames Lanny Davis for it.

Camerota reminded him that two months ago he said Cohen "was an honest and honorable man. Now you're saying he's a pathological liar? How is it?"

Rudy feigned being upset by the accusation and said, "Well, that's about as unfair as you can say. How did I know he was a lawyer taping his client? You tell me a lawyer is taping his client, I have to say sorry, I made a mistake."

He continued, "The guy is unethical, he's a scumbag, he's a horrible person..."

If that's the case, then what does that make Donald Trump?

While Rudy continued laying on every horrible thing he could think of to discredit Trumps' bestie, including the idea that Cohen doctored the tape, Camerota had to chuckle.

"You got a really bad guy there. You've spilled out a lot of stuff here."

Rudy, "I know, it's overwhelming."

"Let's take a quick break and then let's dive into all the Cohen stuff...

Rudy, "I can be on all day if you want."

"Okay, let's do it. clear the commercial breaks...".

"I just need a little coffee."

Please, hands off the Adderall.

Cohen has deeply shaken the Trump team to its core if Rudy is calling him a scumbag on television.

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