Trump's favorite "judge" on Fox "news" continues to muddy the waters for him on the Mueller investigation by pushing John Solomon's conspiracy theory about Robert Mueller and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.
August 12, 2018

Apparently Jeanine Pirro's appearance guest hosting for her Fox counterpart Sean Hannity Friday night was just the warmup act for her own show on Saturday. Pirro attacked Robert Mueller on Hannity's show, asking if he "is a greater threat than Putin to this country?"

Pirro wasn't done muddying the waters in the Mueller investigation, and used her opening monologue to promote a conspiracy theory that's been making the rounds on sites like The Gateway Pundit (a.k.a. the stupidest man on the Internet) and being promoted by Hannity favorite and right-wing opinion writer for The Hill, John Solomon.

It seems they're trying to discredit the entire investigation of Russian interference in the election because Mueller supposedly worked with a Russian oligarch (who is involved in the Manafort case) back in 2009 to help rescue a retired FBI agent who had been captured by the Iranians.

Solomon, whose writing is so shoddy, he's now only allowed to write opinion pieces for The Hill, promised Hannity back in May that a report was coming out the following day on Deripaska and the Steele Dossier. This Saturday, Pirro took Solomon's accusation of a conflict of interest a step further, and pushed the notion that Mueller was taking payoffs from the Russian oligarch.

Here's Pirro's latest unhinged rant for those that can't or don't want to watch the clip above, via Fox:

You know, I've had a change of heart. Unlike everyone on the right, I don't want the Mueller investigation to end so soon. I wanted to keep going on and on and on, because every day, it gets closer to proving Russia collusion. The collusion however, with Russia and team Obama, not Trump.

Whether it is Hillary's reset button, the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia with $145 million pay back to the Clinton Foundation, or the fact that the Obama administration watched as Russia annexed Crimea and then invaded Ukraine while Barack Obama whispered in that off mic moment quote, "Tell Vlad, I'll have more leeway or flexibility after the election." Or whether you even believe Barack told Putin when he became aware of Russians attempt to meddle to knock it off or when Obama weaponized the intelligence community to unmask Trump people like Michael Flynn, Carter Page ,and others.

The truth is, every day, we get to watch the evidence of the framing of Donald Trump exposed. This week the Hill's John Solomon broke yet another explosive story of anti-Trump conspiracy. Now, we will know Hillary Clinton and the DNC gave millions to an opposition research firm, Fusion GPS that then hired Christopher Steele to create dirt on Donald Trump in order to surveil his campaign.

To this day, we still have not heard why a FISA court judge would even consider signing a surveillance warrant based upon this fraudulent document, but what no one seems to be talking about, is that this same dossier is the basis of the Mueller investigation itself.

Right after his election, mind you, after Donald Trump's win, the head of Fusion GPS meet with a top Justice Department official, Bruce Ohr. Two days later, Ohr, Rod Rosenstein's right hand takes the information from Fusion back to the DOJ and gives it to the FBI setting off the beginning of the Mueller investigation. Now, a Russia collusion criminal investigation.

Christopher Steele of course terminated by the FBI for leaking information to the media, yet, even after the election and his dismissal, he continues to meet and speak with Bruce Ohr, who takes this information from a source he is not allowed to work with. Ohr then launders it, feeds it to Justice and the FBI and then, he amazingly tries to get the discredited Steele back into the FBI as a human source.

So why would Ohr after back channeling information with Steele, a fired FBI human source work so hard to get Steele back into the FBI? Think about the timing. There is only one reason Steele is the one person who supports the inaccurate, unverified dossier. Even Comey said it was unverified, but in order to get the Department of Justice and FBI interested in a new criminal Trump-Russia collusion investigation, it was essential that Steele be back in their good graces.

And by the way, if you think Peter Strzok and Lisa Page hated Donald Trump, folks, meet Christopher Steele -- a discredited FBI source trying desperately to get on Mueller's destroy Trump team. Peter Strzok, another Trump hater, although he admits there was no "there there" also seeks and gets on the Mueller team.

So, team Mueller have on it. The more you investigate, procrastinate and fail to find evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, the more you become hoisted by your own petard. But Bob, my question is to you -- how could you possibly be investigating Donald Trump when there is absolutely no credible basis for your investigation? And what the hell have you and your Trump hating conflicted team of prosecutors come up with in the last 19 months other than a tax evasion case that does not involve Donald Trump, Russia or collusion of any sort and should be prosecuted by a regular US Attorney's office, and not you.

But more important, Bob, is what you are hiding and protecting as you continue with your fraudulent investigation. Permit me. In 2009, a Russian oligarch named Deripaska was asked by the FBI to give millions of his own money to fund an FBI operation. The man running the FBI, Bob, you. The man courting the Russian oligarch for money was Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI, now, since fired.

Now, Bob, in spite of the fact that Deripaska had been banished by the United States three years earlier in 2006, because of his organized crime affiliations, your FBI asks him to fund one of your operations? But more important, after Donald Trump is elected, Deripaska is asked by the FBI to help corroborate the Steele dossier? Deparaska himself stopped at the idea that Trump colluded with Russia, quote, "You're trying to create something out of nothing."

Fast-forward nine years later and you indict Paul Manafort, but one name is left out of that indictment. Bob, your indictment makes no mention of Deripaska even though you had evidence that Manafort wanted to invite him to a Trump campaign briefing. So my question to you, Bob Mueller would be as follows: Are you using the Christopher Steele fake dossier as a basis of your investigation? What crime are you investigating? Did you know Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele communicated directly although surreptitiously after Steele was fired?

Was Bruce Ohr working with you getting information to you? And of course, you know Bruce's wife, Nelly was getting paid for and working for Fusion GPS, have you investigated that conflict?

And speaking of wives making money off of their husbands in DOJ and FBI, have you investigated Andrew McCabe 's wife for the money she took from the Clinton connected McAullife for her campaign? Which money she could keep if she did not spend them? And why did you give a special security clearance to Peter Strzok? Allowing him to declassify information. Why did it take us four months to find out why you fired Peter Strzok? Why would ask for millions of dollars from a Russian oligarch, banned from the United States, to fund and FBI operation? Should you even have asked the oligarch for tens of millions of dollars and for his services? Because that is a crime, isn't it, Bob?

I'm sure you know the Anti-deficiency Act prohibits you as a government agency from accepting voluntary services, and if it came out that you took money, Bob, from a Russian oligarch whose name you intentionally left out of Manafort's indictment, that would be an embarrassment, wouldn't it?

Isn't that why you never put his name in the Manafort indictment? And by the way, isn't this a classic conflict of interest? And when Deripaska laughed at the idea of Trump collusion with Russia, was that exculpatory information conveyed to the FISA court? Aren't you worried that your prior actions with Deripaska are worthy of its own grand jury investigation?

And speaking of the FISA court, isn't your whole investigation premised on a fake dossier paid for by Hillary, created by a man who hates Donald Trump and used two con a FISA court judge? Bob, I really think it is time for you to give up your phony investigation and get yourself your own criminal defense attorney.

And that is my open.

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