Here's your chart of who CNN pretended represented "average" Republican women. It wasn't about getting at truth for CNN, however. Their goal was to push the narrative that "Both sides have valid opinions about rape."
Your Quick Guide To CNN's Republican Women Panel: They're Crisis Actors
September 24, 2018

This CNN panel of "Republican women voters" was a massive fail, as we've pointed out over the weekend. We now have a guide to each of the women on the panel and who they actually are.

And yes, the consensus is that CNN failed all journalistic standards in this segment. But I would argue their standards are about "both sides," not journalism, and in that respect they acted completely according to plan.

This segment is pure propaganda worthy of Fox News, and it's more pernicious because we are expected to think of CNN as the "unbiased" one. CNN is forever desperate to bring a "both sides" angle to every issue for "balance," but by insisting that the side that excuses sexual assault must have a place at the table, they legitimize rape culture rather than bring balance to the discussion.

As I have said many times, "Both Siderism" picks a side, and it is the side that lies and cheats that always wins in a both-sider argument.

And CNN was so desperate to have a pro-Kavanaugh segment that they formed a panel of "average Republican women voters" made up of easily discoverable Republican paid operatives and political candidates. I think the term is "crisis actor." Heh.

Here's your guide to who these "average women" actually are, courtesy of @JamesSurowiecki and @AdamWeinstein:

1. Rhonda Lopez, third-place finisher in Republican Primary for Florida State Representative District 115.

2. Lourdes Castillo de la Pena, has served on the Republican National Senatorial Committee, and hosted a $1000-a-plate fundraiser for Ted Cruz's presidential campaign at her home.

3. Irena Vilarino

4. Gina Sosa, Republican committeewoman and ninth-place finisher in Republican Primary for US Representative FL-27.

5. Angela Vazquez, Community Councilwoman for District 12 (elected office), past president of Republican Women's Club of Miami, Federated.

Next up, CNN puts together a panel of every woman on the Crooks and Liars staff, and calls us "average Democratic women voters."

LOL! That would never happen. Not because of course Fox News would be all over them for doing so, but because CNN doesn't need to prop up Democrats to feed the "both sides" narrative.

Both Siderism -- both sides are equally bad, both sides need to be "heard," both sides have equally valid "concerns" -- ONLY benefits the side that cheats.

CNN constantly gives 50% of the field to 21% of the country, and lets Republican operatives feed them people and stories to get them there. I would bet this "group" was formed by the Miami Republican Women's Club, choosing people who would specifically toe the Donald Trump line.


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