In this blistering segment on AM Joy, Trump supporters are described as "zombies" and Rick Wilson enjoys Ann Coulter's meltdown about the wall
February 16, 2019

Elie Mystal, editor from and Rick Wilson had a truly amazing segment on AM Joy on Saturday. The topic, of course: THE WALL. Mystal came in hot with a perfect description of The Cult of Trump - they are zombies. He actually said:

"They're lost. They're zombies now. Every day we try to figure out what's the cure for zombies. There is no cure. They're gone. We have to stop them from infecting everybody else."

I do not know a better description of this group of folks and he is right. There is no cure. If you have ever tried to talk sense into a Trump supporter in your family, at work, social media, etc, you know. They have blinders and ear plugs on. Their eyes are just swirling circles and they are unable and unwilling to hear anything or listen to reason.

Rick Wilson dove in at the end to pile on with some good old fashioned mocking of Ann Coulter and her super sad online meltdown about Trump and his Wall. My favorite line was his opening: "Ann Coulter's tears taste delicious."

Here is the transcript:

REID: He's thinking he wants a fight and a lot of this for him is I want a fight and have this kind of finish the wall, the wall has to be the main thing in my campaign.

Above the law which brings me to Elie. The thing about it, too, Donald Trump has taken a fictional thing, a campaign slogan, his base is we want you to do it. You said it in your campaign and we want it to be real. And now he's about to go to court on it.

MYSTAL: We're fighting over a metaphor. And I don't understand why we're so obsessed with the idiots who believe in the metaphor. The 37 to 40% of people who believe whatever Donald Trump is going to say, they're gone. They're lost. They're zombies now. Every day we try to figure out what's the cure for zombies. There is no cure. They're gone. We have to stop them from infecting everybody else. The way that we stop them from -- we stop this zombie disease from infecting everybody else is we have to stop amplifying the lies told by Donald Trump. He should never be put on live, delay and there has to be somebody in like a box under him like if there were interpreting sign language to explain to people that he is lying in real time. Every time he lies. We have to -- that's the only way to kind of -- we have to cauterize the wound that is Donald Trump and his supporters and worry about the people who aren't infected yet.

REID: The problem with doing that, Rick Wilson, is that, you know, not only is this 30% or so of the adult population of the United States, these are people who vote, who manage to get the White House, they managed to take the White House, they are now essentially governing the United States, and they are not just being pulled around by Donald Trump in a wagon, they're being pulled around by people like Ann Coulter. Trump is fighting these people too. Trump is not just responding to fox news and doing what they tell him to do, he's also in an interlocusion with them so they are making policy in this country. It's hard to ignore it when the policy is being made on FOX News. Can I play Donald trump talking about Ann Coulter and Ann Coulter talking back to him.

(TRUMP VIDEO) Ann Coulter I don't know her, hardly know her, haven't spoken to her in way over a year. I like her. But she's off the reservation, but anybody that knows her understand that.

(COULTER VIDEO) So forget the fact that he's digging his own grave. This is just -- look, the only national urgency is that our president is an idiot.

REID: She tweeted please drop the line finish the wall. The reality Donald Trump can't pull off the thing Chris Hayes and I said he should do she won't let him get away with saying there's a wall. She wants a wall done.

WILSON: I think I join most of America saying that Ann Coulter's tears taste delicious. This is someone who, you know, this is someone who proved the terrible negotiating with opponents and he's even worse negotiating with his allies. They put him in a box he can't escape from and they understand their code -- Ann Coulter and her ilk they wanted an actual physical wall, 50 feet of concrete with lasers and robot alligators and never going to get it and thought that Trump would somehow have this sort of trick that he would cause congress to bend to his will and it never was going to happen. He's gotten himself in a box where on his extreme right you have the Coulters, Hannity, Limbaugh, who have fed and percolated this belief in his audience that he's the greatest negotiator ever, and on the other hand you have their strong feeling that we've got to stop any brown person from coming north of the Rio Grande. And so they end up putting trump in this terrible position and he cannot extricate himself from it at all.

Poor Ann.

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