May 29, 2019

Robert Mueller made a statement to the press today about the Special Counsel's report on Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election, and his investigation into Trump's obstruction of justice charges.

Fox News' straight news anchor and host of Special Report reacted to Robert Mueller's statement and remarked that Mueller's words were much different than William Barr's. Mueller's words, said Baier, were not as "clear-cut" as Trump's new Attorney General made them out to be.

Baier said, "It was almost exactly the opposite, not clear-cut."

"This was not,as the president says time and time again, 'no collusion, no obstruction.' It was much more nuanced than that. He said they couldn't find evidence on the collusion part of the investigation of the Trump campaign."

"He said if they had found that the president did not commit a crime on obstruction, they would have said that."


"This statement is going to be digested and looked over, analyzed word for word up on Capitol Hill. It was not anywhere as clear-cut as Attorney General Bill Barr said. It was almost exactly the opposite. Not clear-cut."

Barr summarized Robert Mueller's conclusions saying that many people are forgetting about the total substance that Russia did attack Hillary Clinton's campaign in the 2016 election and used their agents to do so.

Baier made clear that Mueller exposed William Barr's whitewash of the report and said, "I think this was striking. I think it is different than what Attorney General Barr has been saying about it and I think it will be a firecracker or a bomb up on Capitol Hill today."


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